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Underdogs of the Blues

Underdogs of the Blues When exploring the genre of the blues, men have dominated. However, women served as the underdogs as they fundamentally shaped the blues. For example, In 1920 Mamie Smith became the first

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Blues(1930s to 1940s) by Nina Lee The Genre of Blues came from Negro Spirituals and Folk music. This genre can be considered another step away from spiritual  music to secular music. The genre have roots in

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Feeling Blue

Feeling Blue Race and gender have always been important as it relates to black women’s success. This ongoing conversation details the harsh experiences of black women and how their voices and bodies are implicated in

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Black & Blues: B.B. King

Origin BB King was born Riley B. King on a plantation in Itta Bena, Mississippi on September 16, 1925  As a child, he played locally in his town for money King moved to Memphis, TN

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Black & Blues

The Blues emerged around the 1890s, stemming from mostly southern states and the Midwest. The geographical hearth area of the blues is the plantation country of the Deep South, stretching from the interior of Georgia

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Black and Blues

Black and Blues History The blues began on Southern manors in the nineteenth Century. Its innovators were slaves, ex-slaves and the relatives of slaves—African-American tenant farmers who sang as they drudged in the cotton and

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