Short Story: The Truth About African-American Folk Music

“In 1963 we will be a hundred years free. Have you not forgotten that Is it a memory you do not want to remember? The quote above is from Langston Hughes, a poet, columnist, and a central figure of the Harlem Renaissance. Hughes wrote at a time where African-Americans were re-claiming their heritage and identity […]

Justice Randle

Hey, yall! My name is Justice, obviously lol. I am from Chicago, IL. I am a junior biology major. I want to go to med school and become a pediatrician OR anestheiology. Im excited about this class I think its going to be fun and very informative.

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My name is Jordan Peters. I’m a first year Health Science Major from Anniston, Alabama.


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My name is Audra Davison. And I am a first year, English Major from Atlanta Georgia.

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Today, January 18, 2019 has been an eventful day. I am looking forward to the weekend.