Ornette Coleman and Free Jazz

Who was Ornette Coleman Randolph Denard Ornette Coleman was an American jazz saxophonist, violinist, trumpeter, and composer known as a principal founder of the free jazz genre, a term derived from his 1960 album Free Jazz: A Collective Improvisation. Characteristics of Free Jazz Listening to the other sub-genres of jazz all have similar characteristics. The […]

Insight into the Composers, Conductors, and Musical Performers

When speaking of the impact of classical music and the contributors, black and brown contributors are left out of the conversation. Other genres that have a more significant presence of Black composers and influences, such as Hip Hop/Rap, R&B, and Soul/Neo-Soul, to name a few, will give credit where it’s due. Classical music has had […]

Brunswick Records

Nia Butler and Lauren Forney Brunswick Records was a popular record company along Record Row in Chicago. /*! elementor – v3.9.0 – 06-12-2022 */ .elementor-heading-title{padding:0;margin:0;line-height:1}.elementor-widget-heading .elementor-heading-title[class*=elementor-size-]>a{color:inherit;font-size:inherit;line-height:inherit}.elementor-widget-heading .elementor-heading-title.elementor-size-small{font-size:15px}.elementor-widget-heading .elementor-heading-title.elementor-size-medium{font-size:19px}.elementor-widget-heading .elementor-heading-title.elementor-size-large{font-size:29px}.elementor-widget-heading .elementor-heading-title.elementor-size-xl{font-size:39px}.elementor-widget-heading .elementor-heading-title.elementor-size-xxl{font-size:59px} Founding Information Brunswick Records was founded in 1916 Brunswick- Balke- Collender Company- Founded Brunswick Records  Owner- The Tarnopol Family/ Nat Tarnopol and eventually Jackie […]

Capitol Records: The History and Impact

Early Stages Quick Fact: When Mercer decided to partner with these men, he was inspired to start his own label due to the success of Savoy Records (Newark, NJ), Decca Records (NYC), RCA (NY), and Columbia Records (NYC). ​ Capitol Records is located in Hollywood, CA; close to where Wallichs was still able to run Wallichs Music City and contribute to the label’s successes. ​ The Beginning of the Legacy […]

JJ Johnson: Jazz trombonist

Often referred to as the “Charlie Parker of the Trombone” , JJ Johnson dominated his instrument for more than 40 years becoming known for his stellar composition and instrumentation. Due to his unique musical dexterity and fluency he has been dubbed on of the best trombonists of all time. /*! elementor – v3.8.0 – 30-10-2022 […]

Revolutionizing Jazz–Brief History of Jazz Clubs and Jazz Bars

/*! elementor – v3.8.0 – 30-10-2022 */ .elementor-heading-title{padding:0;margin:0;line-height:1}.elementor-widget-heading .elementor-heading-title[class*=elementor-size-]>a{color:inherit;font-size:inherit;line-height:inherit}.elementor-widget-heading .elementor-heading-title.elementor-size-small{font-size:15px}.elementor-widget-heading .elementor-heading-title.elementor-size-medium{font-size:19px}.elementor-widget-heading .elementor-heading-title.elementor-size-large{font-size:29px}.elementor-widget-heading .elementor-heading-title.elementor-size-xl{font-size:39px}.elementor-widget-heading .elementor-heading-title.elementor-size-xxl{font-size:59px} Introduction and Thesis With its specific origins unknown, Jazz came into prominence in the 20th century. Its sounds are a fusion of many forms of African American music, from call-and-response to blues and ragtime. There are many styles of jazz including […]

King Records

/*! elementor – v3.7.8 – 02-10-2022 */ .elementor-heading-title{padding:0;margin:0;line-height:1}.elementor-widget-heading .elementor-heading-title[class*=elementor-size-]>a{color:inherit;font-size:inherit;line-height:inherit}.elementor-widget-heading .elementor-heading-title.elementor-size-small{font-size:15px}.elementor-widget-heading .elementor-heading-title.elementor-size-medium{font-size:19px}.elementor-widget-heading .elementor-heading-title.elementor-size-large{font-size:29px}.elementor-widget-heading .elementor-heading-title.elementor-size-xl{font-size:39px}.elementor-widget-heading .elementor-heading-title.elementor-size-xxl{font-size:59px} Introduction to King Records In 1943, King Records was founded by Syd Nathan in Cincinnati, Ohio. The label originally specialized in country music, the most popular sing being, “I’m Using My Bible for a Road Map” by Reno and Smiley.  /*! […]

Record Labels of the Mid-20th century

By the time genres like Rhythm and Blues, Jazz, and Soul became prominent, there were record labels that grew alongside the popularity and widespread consumption of these genres. By putting music in the hands and homes of consumers, these labels helped to establish the cultural landscape associate with genres and the cities in which they […]

Jackie Wilson – “Mr. Excitement”

They didn’t call him “Mr. Excitement” for nothing, Jackie Wilson was a chart-topping success of the 1950s and 1960s.   Jack Leroy Wilson Jr. Was born on June 9th, 1934 in Detroit, Michigan and he grew up singing gospel.   In 1953 at the age of 19, He replaced Clyde McPhatter as the lead singer […]

Chance Records in the 50’s

/*! elementor – v3.7.8 – 02-10-2022 */ .elementor-heading-title{padding:0;margin:0;line-height:1}.elementor-widget-heading .elementor-heading-title[class*=elementor-size-]>a{color:inherit;font-size:inherit;line-height:inherit}.elementor-widget-heading .elementor-heading-title.elementor-size-small{font-size:15px}.elementor-widget-heading .elementor-heading-title.elementor-size-medium{font-size:19px}.elementor-widget-heading .elementor-heading-title.elementor-size-large{font-size:29px}.elementor-widget-heading .elementor-heading-title.elementor-size-xl{font-size:39px}.elementor-widget-heading .elementor-heading-title.elementor-size-xxl{font-size:59px} What was Chance Records? Originally based out of Chicago, Chase Records was founded in 1950. One of the first artists to sign with the record company was the Al Sims Trio. Their successes helped to draw attention to the record company. […]

Mahalia Jackson Story

Mahalia Jackson’s accomplishments and artistry ushered in the Golden Age of Gospel, lifting the genre from churches and revivals into mainstream American music, where it remains in present time. /*! elementor – v3.9.0 – 06-12-2022 */ .elementor-heading-title{padding:0;margin:0;line-height:1}.elementor-widget-heading .elementor-heading-title[class*=elementor-size-]>a{color:inherit;font-size:inherit;line-height:inherit}.elementor-widget-heading .elementor-heading-title.elementor-size-small{font-size:15px}.elementor-widget-heading .elementor-heading-title.elementor-size-medium{font-size:19px}.elementor-widget-heading .elementor-heading-title.elementor-size-large{font-size:29px}.elementor-widget-heading .elementor-heading-title.elementor-size-xl{font-size:39px}.elementor-widget-heading .elementor-heading-title.elementor-size-xxl{font-size:59px} The very beginnning… Born on October 26th, 1911 in New Orleans, Louisiana, […]

Analyzing the Life of Tina Turner by: Wynda Lee

/*! elementor – v3.4.8 – 16-11-2021 */ .elementor-widget-image{text-align:center}.elementor-widget-image a{display:inline-block}.elementor-widget-image a img[src$=”.svg”]{width:48px}.elementor-widget-image img{vertical-align:middle;display:inline-block} /*! elementor – v3.4.8 – 16-11-2021 */ .elementor-heading-title{padding:0;margin:0;line-height:1}.elementor-widget-heading .elementor-heading-title[class*=elementor-size-]>a{color:inherit;font-size:inherit;line-height:inherit}.elementor-widget-heading .elementor-heading-title.elementor-size-small{font-size:15px}.elementor-widget-heading .elementor-heading-title.elementor-size-medium{font-size:19px}.elementor-widget-heading .elementor-heading-title.elementor-size-large{font-size:29px}.elementor-widget-heading .elementor-heading-title.elementor-size-xl{font-size:39px}.elementor-widget-heading .elementor-heading-title.elementor-size-xxl{font-size:59px} ANALYZING TURNER BY: Wynda Lee WHO IS TINA TURNER? TINA TURNER BEGAN PERFORMING WITH MUSICIAN IKE TURNER IN THE 1950s. THEY BECAME KNOWN AS THE IKE AND TINA REVUE, […]

Commodification Of African American Music by Asha St. Louis

/*! elementor – v3.4.8 – 16-11-2021 */ .elementor-heading-title{padding:0;margin:0;line-height:1}.elementor-widget-heading .elementor-heading-title[class*=elementor-size-]>a{color:inherit;font-size:inherit;line-height:inherit}.elementor-widget-heading .elementor-heading-title.elementor-size-small{font-size:15px}.elementor-widget-heading .elementor-heading-title.elementor-size-medium{font-size:19px}.elementor-widget-heading .elementor-heading-title.elementor-size-large{font-size:29px}.elementor-widget-heading .elementor-heading-title.elementor-size-xl{font-size:39px}.elementor-widget-heading .elementor-heading-title.elementor-size-xxl{font-size:59px} Commodification of African American Music Commodification is the action or process of treating something as a mere commodity “the commodification of knowledge”. Commodification is relevant to music, especially Black Music because black music is a main distributer in capitalist. African Americans […]

Record Row Questions – Kassandra Grullon

/*! elementor – v3.4.8 – 16-11-2021 */ .elementor-heading-title{padding:0;margin:0;line-height:1}.elementor-widget-heading .elementor-heading-title[class*=elementor-size-]>a{color:inherit;font-size:inherit;line-height:inherit}.elementor-widget-heading .elementor-heading-title.elementor-size-small{font-size:15px}.elementor-widget-heading .elementor-heading-title.elementor-size-medium{font-size:19px}.elementor-widget-heading .elementor-heading-title.elementor-size-large{font-size:29px}.elementor-widget-heading .elementor-heading-title.elementor-size-xl{font-size:39px}.elementor-widget-heading .elementor-heading-title.elementor-size-xxl{font-size:59px} Record Row Questions By: Kassandra Grullon Question : What is Record Row? In the 1950s, Chicago was home to over 800,000 African Americans. In search of new opportunities, Blacks migrated from the south to Chicago and found a community for themselves. […]

Best Gospel Songs by Decade – As Someone Who Has Never Listened to Gospel

Best Gospel Songs by Decade – As Someone Who Has Never Listened to Gospel Until I came to Spelman, I had never purposely listened to much gospel music. I was raised by a white mother and never once stepped foot into a Black church… much less any church for that matter. However, while I am […]

Gospel: Praise Over the Time Periods

Gospel: Praise Over the Time Periods Gospel is the religious, Christian music. Much like all music over time, Gospel has changed and developed. Gospel music is significant for many, as it is both a form of music and religious expression. Gospel music began in the early 1900s and has remained a popular form of music […]

Are White Blues Singers Appropriating Black Culture?

Are White Blues Singers Appropriating Black Culture? You probably recognize the man in the picture: singer Elvis Presley. He is sometimes referred to “the King of Rock and Roll,” and you have likely heard some of his songs. One of his most famous songs is “Hound Dog.” There is a reason I’m bringing it up, […]

Gospel Through the Decades

All Aboard the Gospel Train By: Demi Browder For those like me who wasn’t too heavily experienced with gospel, hop on this train to take a gospel trip down memory lane. Traditional, jazzy, blues, folk, hip-hop, pop, and jubilee, we have it all! Sit back and enjoy the scenary. First Stop: 1920s Mother McCollum was […]

Zion Harmonizers–Staples of the Transitional Era

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uL0cGLue-iE In 2019, the Zion Harmonizers celebrated their Diamond Jubilee. That same year, they took part in the 50th annual Jazz Fest, a spot the group has  occupied every year since its inception, in the Gospel tent they helped to establish.     Established in 1939 in the Gert Town neighborhood of New Orleans, La, […]

A Century of Gospel Music

A Century of Gospel Music Gospel music is the form of African American religious music. It is a willful expression of the desire of African Americans to embrace and celebrate the beliefs and values that affirm their culture and religion. Gospel music arose during the 1920s, which was during the Great Migration when three million […]