Carl Cox Makes His Armada Debut With Energetic Remix of “Farmacia (Homage to Frankfurt)”

2020 has actually been a pretty good year for Carl Cox in terms of releases. The house and techno legend dropped his first original track in two years, and he just recently remixed deadmau5 and the Neptunes’ new collab “Pomegranate.” Now the iconic producer/DJ is notching another first in his exalted career. He’s finally releasing a track on Armada.

Wait, Carl Cox, one of the titans of house is releasing a track on Armada, a trance label? That’s right! And we couldn’t be more excited. It’s actually a remix of a track from Danish house artist Kenneth Bager, that was released on Armada a year-and-a-half ago. The full name of the track is “Farmacia (Homage to Frankfurt)” by Kenneth Bager featuring Jez Phunk.

The original version of the track is dark, mysterious and brooding. It also has a slow hypnotic tempo with meticulous synths. The Carl Cox remix takes the energy up a notch and gives the track a more jungle driven beat. It maintains the eerie, dark qualities of the first track, while also making you want to dance and sweat too. This remix should easily find its way into Carl’s sets, I can definitely picture him dropping this in a dark warehouse during the early morning hours. Here’s what Carl had to say about hopping on the remix.

“Kenneth Bager’s ‘Farmacia (Homage to Frankfurt)’ was already a work of art when it came to me. All I could do was paint a picture that I believe would complement the original track. I added in strings and built on the drums and emotion of the track to bring out the best of what was already there. I wanted to turn it into something classic and Techno-ish, but I also wanted it to be the most beautiful thing I could construct out of something that was already beautiful. I hope I did a good job, and I am happy and proud to be a part of this mix.”

Check out the Carl Cox remix of Kenneth Bager’s “Farmacia (Homage to Frankfurt) featuring Jez Phunk, out now on Armada. Re-live Carl’s Defected Festival virtual set from his home in Melbourne too.


This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: Carl Cox Makes His Armada Debut With Energetic Remix of “Farmacia (Homage to Frankfurt)”

Kevin Johnson

Kevin Johnson

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