Can’t Hide Love For This Performance: The Elements and Chicago

After viewing the Earth, Wind, & Fire (EWF) AND Chicago Concert, my love for their music and the way it makes feel when I hear it grew even more.  As a child, I grew up listening to Earth, Wind, & Fire and always loved their music.  It amazes me how universal their music is which cannot be said about a lot of music groups or artists.  Earth, Wind and Fire is loved by all races, genres, and even ages. To see the crowd, interact with band is something that is heartwarming, because EWF’s music brought different types of people together and made them all sing along.

EWF is a timeless group with a timeless sound.  As I listened to the concert, I appreciated the orchestration and was able to hear more of than what is present in a lot of today’s music, due to the evolution of music technology. The orchestration during their live performance was even better than that on their recorded albums. In my opinion, it gave the music more depth and color.

I enjoyed the concert, too, because the group Chicago collaborated with EWF. Chicago is a rock band comprised of white men, and the fact that the two groups were still able to collaborate with each other despite their different genres and style of playing is incredible within itself.  All the songs the groups performed and collaborated on went over well with the crowd.

Verdine White - Earth Wind and Fire's INCREDIBLE bass player. The inspiration for this character..

Since EWF or the Elements is a Funk group, their attire reflected that. They wore a lot of spandex with fringes and 70’s prints on them.  The bassist, Verdine White, had the most vibrant outfit and personality on stage. He was really into each song and could be seen dancing and jumping around stage more than any other member of the band.  I also enjoyed the choreography. It was very smooth and coordinated which is not something you really see with today’s music groups.  Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed watching the concert and singing along with all my favorite songs. Earth Wind and Fire will always be one of my favorite groups, because of their rich sound and because their music is timeless.  I hope that one day I will be able to go see them in concert in person.

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