AI vs Creators

These AI bots and what they are capable of have generated a lot of attention. I recently received an email with the subject “Can AI Cure Mental Illness?” and all I can really think was “Woah AI is really the future.” Robots with artificial intelligence, also known as “AI,” have the same capacity for information detection and analysis as people and non-human animals.

“Can AI take the place of creators?”

is a question I came across and have been intrigued ever since. Being a creator requires having the ability to hold an audience’s interest while yet being original, imaginative, and engaging. Being a creator requires a great deal of creativity and hard work as well as dedication to one’s craft. It is a role that involves a lot of creative thinking and problem solving in order to bring ideas to life. To be a creator, one must be able to develop a strong vision for a given project and bring it to life. Also, it’s critical to use one’s imagination and think creatively while coming up with ideas because they are important to a project’s success.. From a capability aspect, AI is less capable than humans. Since “it’s a tool designed to process data,” It can always take time to investigate people and examine how we behave in daily life, including how we speak, think, and react to various circumstances.

Chat PGT (Personal Growth and Transformation) is a well known method of online communication that is now common in the lives of many individuals. There are benefits and drawbacks to using it, just like any other form of communication though. CHAT GPT is a robot that can conversate as if it were a regular person. The more questions people ask the bots, the more human intelligence they gather, and the more complex their responses become as a result of taking in so much human information. Yes, Chat PGT can make mistakes just as humans do, but they can also figure out the precise solution for each incorrect response. For this reason I believe AI bots can replace creators in the future. This may not be the case right away, but it’s definitely a possibility.

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