Can AI Take Over The World of Art?

My Opinion on AI

       Recently, there has been very interesting discourse regarding the argument of whether AI can replace humans, especially in the art sector. For what it is, AI has produced some pretty impressive artwork that has surprised us all. An example of this is this song (video to the left) written by an AI robot with the intent of imitating the rapper Travis Scott. While it does sound somewhat “accurate” to some people at first listen. A second listen may have you thinking otherwise. This is because, in my opinion, AI could never completely replicate the exact style of a real person’s art. In the song, there are multiple bars that make no sense at all, as if they are just words strung together (because they are). Although AI is an impressive tool, I believe it still needs the touch of a human if it’s ever going to be at the level of the most skilled and talented human artists out there.

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