Cadillac Muzik releases new song ‘Spacecowboy’

From San Antonio, Texas, the artistic duo has been performing alternative Hip Hop music since 2010. There new release, “Spacecowboy” is a prime example of how they like to tease and cajole with their lyrics and hip-hop sound. The two artists Scott Campbell, also known as DaddyDvil and Beseja Moses, also referred to as CaddyMack produce and write the songs. Inspired by Southern rap legends like OutKast they began their career only eleven years ago, since then releasing 18 albums, EP’s, and singles.

The group consistently nabs a spot-on Billboard’s R&B charts each year making them the group for other up-and-coming artists to mimic. Their first title was their name released in 2012 followed by “FunkyLand” in 2014. Now, in 2021, they’ve released a single called “Spacecowboy”. While we’ve heard songs with the same title, none have had the spin on the concept that Cadillac Muzik’s song has.

This R&B music review finds this song reflects the influence of the East Point, Georgia duo, OutKast, that took the world by storm just a few years ago with monumental hits like “The Way You Move” and “Hey Ya”. With that kind of potential, Cadillac Muzik is positioned to explode with Space Cowboy as one of the catalysts.

The song is slow paced, still it’s got great lyrics and a smooth beat that keeps you involved with the song from start to finish. “…I can be your one and only space cowboy. You can’t let the world walk all over your joy. Open up your mind. We can go beyond time. Sipping on drink with the seats on recline. In the Eldorado with the top peeled back…” It’s a positive song with a twist.

I don’t know what a space cowboy is, but Cadillac Muzik makes the concept sound both good and desirable.

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