In the Detroit techno world, a cabaret is a type of social gathering usually associated with a community of unionized workers or other socially specific group. DJs perform at these gatherings, and attendees dress in formal clothing, dance, eat, and drink. Pictured above is Robert Hood, a well known electronic music producer and DJ. He is also a founding member of Underground Resistance, a well known Detroit techno group that performed in cabarets. As time progressed, cabarets spread all over the country. Burlesque shows, drag shows, solo vocalist with pianos, as well as the venues where these shows occur were advertised as cabarets. Broadway shows centered around cabarets and thrived up until the 1980s. After that time, cabarets began to decline in popularity, but elements are seen in Las Vegas burlesque shows and similar venues.

Famous Detroit Cabarets

Gigi’s Cabaret, Barachit Social Club, Quite Nice, Brotherhood Club

Camrie Hendking

Camrie Hendking

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