Brunswick Records

Nia Butler and Lauren Forney

Brunswick Records was a popular record company along Record Row in Chicago.

Founding Information

  • Brunswick Records was founded in 1916
  • Brunswick- Balke- Collender Company- Founded Brunswick Records 
  • Owner- The Tarnopol Family/ Nat Tarnopol and eventually Jackie Wilson.

Where They're Based

Originally, Brunswick was  in Detroit as a lesser-known label under Decca Records. However, they eventually settled in Record Row in Chicago. 

Jackie Wilson was signed to Decca and managed by Nat Tarnopol

Decca decided to release his single, “Reet Petite” under Brunswick because they did not want to “tarnish” the image of Decca with an R&B Artist. 


Wilson became a chart topping success with 7 Top Ten singles, which helped bring up Brunswick.

By September 30th, 1960, Decca made Brunswick its own record company owned by Nat Tarnopol and Jackie Wilson. Shortly after, the two of them moved to Manhattan

After a string of dramatic events, Nat Tarnopol made Chicago record producer Carl Davis his Executive Vice President of A&R and the two of them purchased the old building of Vee Jay records and converted it into the A&R office for Brunswick records.

Famous Artists from Brunswick Records

The Chi-Lites

Jackie Wilson

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