Boogie Oogie Oogie: A Disco Sound

Musical History

Disco emerged in the early 1970’s in urban culture. Disco was an outlet through dancing for many black people during the 1970s. It presented a different type of musical vibe that the black community was not accustomed to during the time. Additionally, it provided more than just music for the black culture. It was a form of music that was played in the clubs. Disco advanced the diversity of dancing in the African-American culture. 

During this time, African-Americans wore large and full afros, bell bottom jeans and stylish shirts to compliment. This musical genre brought what we know now to be The Hustle and the Point and Turn. During the evolution of Disco, the city of New York played an important role in the music’s growth. During this time period, the New Negro Movement was developing so areas and clubs were attended by a mass population of black people to showcase their culture and talents. Some of these clubs that were used to showcase talents by black artists on the come up were the following:

 – Studio 54 was notorious for its elitism and restricting only celebrities and public figures inside their doors.

– Copacaban Club was famous for comedy and music acts. Later, it became a disco club and remained a disco club until the 2000s. 

– Paradise Garage was a openly gay nightclub in New York City. It grasped the attention of audiences from all religions, genders, sexual orientations, etc into its dance hall. 

An important element of Disco music is four on the floor also known as 4/4. It provides a beat for Disco music. The drummer will play all four beats continuously. Disco music utilizes various instruments to create a live sound, the drum is one of the most prominent and essential instruments in relation to the element four on the floor. 

Artists/Groups & Their Songs

Some famous artists within the Disco musical genre are Donna Summer, Diana Ross, Gloria Gaynor, Sister Sledge, Earth, Wind & Fire, Kool & The Gang, Sylvester and Rick James to name a few.