Bobby Womack – Outline/ Bibliography

Bobby Womack

  • Was the third of five brothers
    • Born to Naomi Womack and Friendly Womack
    • Family background
    • Learning from mother (musician) and father
  • Brought up into music
    • The Womack brothers
    • Meeting different iconic musicians
    • Discovered by Sam Cooke
  • Tour groups
    • Joining Sam Cooke’s band The Valentinos
    • SAR records
    • Shooting of Sam Cooke leading to Bobby seeking solo career
  • Solo Career
    • Memphis (1965) and working at Chips Moman’s studio (guitar)
    • Mint Records (first signing)
    • 1981, signed with Beverly Glen Records
  • Personal Life
    • Relationships and family
    • Drug addiction
    • Barbara Campbell (Sam Cooke’s widow)
    • Did they affect the people positively or negatively?
  • Accomplishments
  • How his actions could have shifted his career in the wrong direction
  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Conclusion

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