Bobby Taylor & the Vancouvers

History of R&B

Rhythm and Blues, named R&B after World War II, started in cities in New York and Washington DC, Chicago, and New Jersey. Continued segregation within these cities, and other parts of the world, caused black to create their own secular culture of music. Used to replace race music, a termed used to designate white and black music, R&B helped black people come together. Although R&B was sometimes thought of  as love songs, the genre is very inclusive of soul and funk styles. Rhythm and Blues dates back to the 1940’s, 50’s and 60’s and even continues today, evolving a long its way. 


Bobby Taylor & the Vancouvers were a Canadian soul band from Vancouver, Canada. Bobby Taylor met his Vancouvers, previously known as Little Daddy and the Bachelors, in San Fransisco in the early 1960’s. Spotted by the most famous Supremes from Motown Records, word about this group got back to Berry Gordy who later invited them to Detroit. Recording for  Gordy Records, the group released the album “Bobby Taylor and the Vancouvers”. Their most popular single was “Does Your Mama Know About Me” was a top 30 hit single at #29. Their career settled and never really took after release of their album and the members eventually separated. 


The lineup consisted of:

  • Bobby Taylor(singer): 
  • Wes Henderson (bassist): 
  • Tommy Chong( guitarist) : 
  • Eddie Patterson (guitarist)
  • Robbie King(organist)
  • Duris Maxwell a.k.a Ted Lewis (drummer)
"I Am Your Man" by Bobby Taylor and the Vancouvers
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"Malinda" by Bobby Taylor and the Vancouvers
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Some fun facts/juicy drama you MUST know...

  • At the Regal Theatre in Chicago in 1968, Bobby and the Vancouvers allowed the most famously known family band, The Jackson  5. Bobby Taylor personally brought them to Detroit to audition for Motown Records which lead to them signing the group to the label within the next year. 
  • Taylor served as the  group’s first producer. 
  •  Chong and Henderson were alledgely fired by Motown producer for failure to appear to a gig, even though it said that they were applying for Green cards. 
  •  Following that, Chong wanted the contracts to reflect him, Taylor and Henderson as the group while Robbie King, Eddie Patterson and Ted Lewis only be regarded as sidemen. The group then broke up. 
  • After the Vancouvers broke up, Bobby Taylor went on to audition to replace David Ruffin in The Temptations, but was denied.

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