I Got the Blues

What is Blues Music some may ask; Blues is a genre of music that was created around the 1860s. It was originally founded and first played in the Deep South of the United States. Blues allowed for the incorporation of spirituals, work songs, shouts, rhymed simple narrative ballads, field hollers, and chants all of which originated from the African American culture.  In African American Culture Blues is the genre that moved the culture and allowed for the exposure to different rhythms and emotions through the vocal and lyrical form that Blues exhibits. This allowed for an increase in musical performances and black urban enclaves.

Although there were many individuals who some people may direct the title of The Father of the Blues to be, but the original Father of the Blues is W.C Handy. W.C Handy was an African American composer and musicians who considered himself the Father of the Blues. Mr. Handy was Born in Florence Alabama to former slaves. He grew up around music and caught on early. In 1914 W.C Handy wrote and publish one of the most successful Blues songs that led him to be The Father of the Blues one of the most influential songwriters. Mr. W.C Handy opened a pathway full of creativity and inventiveness that inspired many individuals and music after him.

-BB KIng

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