Blues: Singing Their Miseries

I Got The Blues

When someone tells you they have the blues or they’re feeling blue, you automatically know they are feeling melancholy. This term comes from the music genre, Blues. The Blues was created in the 19th century in Mississippi by slaves, ex-slaves, and sharecroppers that chose to express their feelings through music. The music emerged negro spirituals and field work songs and created something beautifully sad. The genre started traveling to other parts of America in the 1930s and 40s and many areas created subgenres. Blues notes are unique for their series of 12 bars or measures. There were many famous Blues pioneers including W.C Handy. Handy was not only a Blues artist, but he also published a few books that included Blues melodies and songs. Another famous Blues artist is Bessie Smith who was a powerhouse for the genre with her strong soulful voice.  Bessie’s music is still popular today and she inspired many famous artists including Billie Holiday and Aretha Franklin. 

W.C. Handy
Bessie Smith
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