Black Music in the 2010s

Black Music in the 2010s

Black Music in the 2010s- to put it simply, is inescapable. From Rap, R&B, Neo Soul, and even Pop and Country, Black artists have dominated the billboard charts. In the 2010s, Black music has done more than solely entertain, it has continued to be a form of protest against anti-Black systems, and has unapologetically rejected the world of respectability politics. Black music today epitomizes deviance and creativity, and continues to shape what American Pop Culture is.

e2010 Musician Photo Gallery

Artist List

Nicki Minaj
John Legend
Lil Wayne
Janelle Monae
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Kendrick Lamar
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Daniel Caesar
Bryson Tiller
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2010s Music Video Mashup

BillBoard Charts:
Top 10 Songs from black artists for Each Year

Artists on the Rise

2010s Hits & Socioeconomic Effects on Black Music

Group Members :

  •  Jada Bowden
  •  Jasmine
  •  Trishana
  • Twanesha
  •  Jordan Bogans
  •  Ciara Terry
  •  Amanda
  • Alana Edmond
  •  Kendall Jones
  •  Elyse
  • Taylor
  • Jordan
  • Nina

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