Before I came to Spelman I thought that I had a great understanding of the struggles that African-Americans go through in this country. When I got here I was greatly mistaken. Between taking ADW my freshman year and studying in this class I’ve realized that I have contributed to the degradation of black culture. Most of my life I grew up around black people, went to all black public schools and really never interacted with white people until I got to high school. In high school, I was contently getting in trouble because of my slick mouth in regard to how I talked to my teachers. Throughout my high school career, I was constantly being slighted for things that I deserved and that was because I never was the type of person to suppress who I really am, I was always taught to respect authority but to never lie down and take blatant disrespect and the white teachers at my school were constantly putting down the black students. I want to be an attorney in the future and focusing on sports, entertainment, and criminal law. With all three areas of law black people are being used for their talent s in sports & entertainment until they mess up and then they are treated like a nigga and thrown around in the justice system. So, my goal is to change the way this country’s justice system is set up and make it an equal playing field.