Biggie and Tupac’s vulgar “clap back” lyrics about shooting and sleeping with women heavily influenced the rap songs in the future. Both rappers lyrically provoked each other. Biggie released the song “Who Shot Ya” which Tupac believed he released to taunt him. Tupac later released his single “Hit ‘Em Up” in which he claimed to have slept with Biggie’s wife and that Biggie stole his style and image. The content of future rapper’s lyrics was heavily influenced by songs like this. Today, all rappers really talk about is money, the life of a “real” gangster, and sleeping with women. Unfortunately, their rivalry ended with the death of both rappers. Tupac was shot which everyone suspected that Biggie set up. A little while later, Biggie was shot to death. Their feud eventually became the thing that destroyed both of them.

 Biggie Small’s heavily influenced the future generation of rappers and he did this with only two albums. Rappers like Jay Z and Lil Kim were impacted greatly by Biggie and his lyrics. Jay Z quoted some of Biggie’s lyrics in his songs and “the two share a wicked flow and a lyric style that uses clever wordplay” (Adams). Many of Lil Kim’s lyrics were even written by Biggie.

-Samantha Roach