Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter Outline

Working Thesis: While the political system is in turmoil over our previous election, America has always depended on music to get her through the tough times. Over time, has Beyonce Knowles been a silent political figure that utilizes the message from her music to console  a confused America?

  1. “At Last”
  • Etta James classic

This classic song was a symbolization of chains finally being broken in America. Beyonce’s cover on this timeless piece took on a different connotation than fans were accustomed to experiencing.

  • Obama Administration Inaugural Ball

While the first dance is normally one that is shared between the new President and the First Lady for all of America to watch. This dance was symbolically for all of black America to celebrate that at last one chain of oppression was broken. America had elected their first black president.

  1. Run The World
  • Democratic Nominee “Hillary Clinton”

In the 2016 election of Donald Trump v Hillary Clinton, America was not sure which of these two would be the lesser of the worst president to choose.

Political Influence #WithHER

Beyonce’s video for “Run the World’ featured Hillary Clinton suiting up for a fight with Beyonce on the sidelines coaching her.

  • Feminist Critique

Feminists scrutinized Beyonce for claiming to be a feminist, but not representing the full meaning of the word. Although the political influence did not win out for Hillary, the political influence of Beyonce is unquestionable.

  1. The Formation
  • Black Lives Matter

The ”Black Lives Matter” movement was a movement on its own, but when Beyonce decided to face the issue in one of her videos, people started to really listen. Beyonce is a National Figure that used her platform to get people who were oblivious to the situation to actually pay attention.

Ferguson protests

  • Hurricane Katrina

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