Bebop to the Summer of Soul Poem

Bebop To The Summer of Soul Poem:

Bebop the harmonious equation of old jazz and improvisation 

A twist of lemon like in the cocktail that is served where the music is heard 

Originated by Gillespie, Christian, Monk, Clarke, and Parker who never missed the marker 

Next up is cool jazz 

For the cool cats which had a laid back smooth sound that focused on arrangements that kept engagement 

Miles Davis gave us his influential sound with enough to go around 

Hard bop hailed from musicians in New York, Philly, and Detroit 

A hard rhythmic drive with a combination of blues and gospel that kept the crowd full 

Summer of Soul was a festival of the ages with Black people of all faces and cases 

It allowed the people of Harlem to come together to celebrate music that encompassed there communities and gave them unities 

The musicians were diverse in sound and lyric knowing good and well anyone could hear it 

With every song the crowd roared till it was time to go and the people adored the time they had with family and friends 

That they had wished would never end 

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