Bebop to Summer of Soul

What A Time to Be Alive

Bebop is a kind of jazz that became popular near the beginning of the Second World War, 

It is the type of music that our grandma’s listen to in their car

The musicians improvise using a small group of chords which are repeated again and again

Charlie Parker? Y’all know I am such a fan

The term “bebop” originates from a group of syllables used in scat singing

During this time, you could find women in the jazz club dancing and swinging

What A time to be alive


A typical Bebop combo is comprised of two horns and rhythm section

During his performances, Bud Powell showed his fans so much affection

Now the Summer of Soul, that’s a different story

This summer will forever be remembered in History

This was a summer in which we promoted Black unity

What a time to be alive


The rights

The civil rights

It was a big huge deal

Get get your cups ready for this tea Im about to spill

During this time, Black people demanded respect and change

It was racial equality that they wished to obtain 

The music of the civil rights era went through many phases

Do Nina Simone and Billie Holiday sound like familiar faces?

With Rosa arrested and MLK Jr. assinated

The pain of African Americans was certainly exacerbated

While Black people had many hardships to mourn

It was during the summer of soul that the negro died, and Black was born

What a time to be alive


Thank you to all the trailblazers for taking a stand

Because of them, black art is appreciated all through the land

What a time to be alive



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