Bassnectar Shares “All Colors” Preview Part 2 with Three New Tracks

It’s only been two weeks since Bassnectar last shared a preview of his forthcoming All Colors album, and he’s back now with three new tracks: “Rise & Shine,” “Rewind The Track” with Ashel Seasunz, and a remix of Apashe’s “Uebok Gotta Run” with Instasamka from his album this year, Renaissance.

None of these tracks showed up in his recent Inside for the People mixtape, so they’re completely fresh. “Rise & Shine” is a thunderous trap/dubstep hybrid with some really cool arp action and that iconic time stretch effect that has helped make Bassnectar’s tracks sound so iconic over the years. “Rewind The Track” starts with those delicate piano notes that are so reminiscent of old school hip hop tracks, and as soon as Ashel Seasunz comes in, it makes perfect sense. And while there’s still a heavy hip hop flavor throughout the track, the bass in the drop still asserts, “Hey, this is a Bassnectar song.”

Finally, he includes a remix for Apashe’s “Uebok Gotta Run” with Instasamka, easily one of the most fun songs that will be released all year. No other producer (who’s not Russian) is using Russian vocals for their tracks and Apashe really hit his out of the park. Bassnectar manages to put his own spin on the track, to be sure, but it still doesn’t quite live up to the original, in my opinion.

Check out all the new singles below!


Photo via aLIVE Coverage

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Kevin Johnson

Kevin Johnson