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The Classical Genre came to life in 1750, during the Renaissance Era. Known for It’s clean, structural lines, the melodies of Classical Compositions will live forever

6 Classical Characteristics

1) Classical music has a lighter, clearer texture than Baroque music and is less complex. Also, The melody  tends to be shorter with clear cut phrases and clearly marked cadences, in comparison to its Baroque predecessor.

2) Orchestra increases in size and range in comparison to the Baroque Style

3) Sonata Form- One of the most important forms used to build up the first movement of most large- scale works, but also other movements and single pieces.

4) There are frequent Changes of Mood and Timbre

5) The Harpsichord is replaced by rich piano texture

6) Classical music is mainly Homophonic meaning the melody is played above the chordal accompaniment.

Did You Know?

A) There are many different classical forms. In fact the Baroque style, the predecessor of the “Classical Genre, is also a form of classical music.

B) The Classical era of music influenced the  compassionate style of the Romantic Classical Era. In this genre Beethoven stood out for his unbalanced, yet emotional compositions.


You can’t reverence African American composers without showing adoration to White, European composers. In my research, I found it very difficult to locate many credited Black Composers from the Classical period. This Genre was not only originated , but dominated by many White European composers. I believe that could have something to do with the time period considering African Americans were not yet considered “free”.  

White- European Composers

1. Joseph Hayden


2. Wolfgang Amadeus


3. Mozart


Black Composers

1. Chevalier de Saint-Georges


2. Samuel Coleridge-Taylor


Economic Benefits for Composers

As new music became a public fixation this fresh, more simplistic style reaped its economic benefits for composers. Instead of having to hire huge band of musicians to rehearse for multiple days, only one rehearsal was required for the simplified, but just a beautiful Classical compositions.

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