Kenneth Brian Edmonds was born on April 10, 1959 in Indianapolis, Indiana. He began performing with Bootsy Collins as a child, where he adopted the more popular popular name “Babyface” and joined the group Manchild. The group created three albums together before they split.

Once Manchild split, Babyface began producing and writing for R&B artists including Bobby Brown, Pebbles, Michael Jackson and the Whispers. This sparked his solo career. In the late 80’s he co-founded the record label LaFace Records, which hosted Usher, TLC and Toni Braxton. One of his most notable albums, Tender Lover, furthered his singing career and won him multiple awards. This also pushed his career as a producer.  Babyface has produced music for nearly all of the groundbreaking artists in R&B, with multiple tracks winning nominations, and landing him Producer of the Year three consecutive years. He also created the soundtrack for popular movies like Waiting to Exhale, and the Prince of Egypt. Babyface can be contributed for shaping R&B as a genre, producing some of the most popular music during this era.


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