Underdogs of the Blues

Underdogs of the Blues When exploring the genre of the blues, men have dominated. However, women served as the underdogs as they fundamentally shaped the blues. For example, In 1920 Mamie Smith became the first black vocalist to record a song, “Crazy Blues”. This accomplishment paved the way for many other aspiring women not only […]


TLC Background TLC is a female R & B group consisting of T-Boz Watkins, Left Eye, and Chilli. The group originated right here in Atlanta, Georgia in 1991. T-Boz, born Tionne Watkins in April of 1970 is an American singer, songwriter, actress, author, and executive producer born in Des Moines, Iowa. Left Eye, born Lisa Lopes […]

Broadway’s Black History

Black Broadway History The roots of the black musical theater reach back to the circuses, dime museums, and minstrel shows in the years surrounding the Civil War. There have been a bountiful amount of black-authored entries: some of the most known is “The Wiz” and “Noise/Funk”. Black Musical Theatre, or in particular black authored musicals […]

Detroit Techno

Detroit Techno Although greatly unnoticed, Techno was invented in Detroit. Its original purpose was a reaction to inner-city decay, as a reaction of the African American struggle. Techno music started off as a form of protest, however, for whites, it has developed into an upbeat genre. Techno music is only recognized for the music of […]

Disco and the Civil Rights Movement

Disco and the Civil Rights Movement Disco is so much more than “dad-dancing” and “flares”. In the 1970s, it served as a progressive and liberal outlet that welcomed people from all walks of life. In fact, in many ways, it was involved with the civil rights movement in the United States. Disco celebrated the differences […]

The King of Be-BOP

King of Be-BOP Charlie Parker not only serves as one of the most important impacts in Jazz but also the development of Bop. He was born in Kansas City on August 29, 1920. At an early age, Charlie was infatuated by music and eventually started playing the saxophone. At the beginning of his career, Parker […]

Racism Running in Ragtime

The rise of ragtime did not only bring a different sound of extensive syncopation but also racism in the performances of this genre of music. This included cakewalks, black face, minstrels, and coon songs. Cakewalks were dance matches between Black slaves mocking the “snooty” behavior of their White upper-class owners. Unfortunately the prize was not […]

Jubilee Quartet

m jubilee quartets Add Your Heading Text Here Golden Gate Quartets The Golden Gate Quartets is one of the most known Jubilee Quartet Groups. Their peak of success occurred around the time of World War II. Check this Link out Blind Boys of Alabama The Blind Boys of Alabama were all acknowledged for their amazing […]

Review of Negro SPIRITuals!

Review of “Negro SPIRITuals!” Post The reading starts off by stating that Negro Spirituals are composed by slaves, these songs are a reflection of what slaves endeavored. While black people were enslaved they were only allowed to attend Christian services, in which they utilized this time to construct and perform negro spirituals to talk about […]

“Lift Every Voice” Article Review

The reading starts off by acknowledging the fact that in the current day Black Women are demonstrating leadership roles around the world. For example, a number of movements such as #BlackLivesMatter, #MeToo, and #SayHerName was started by a number of influential black women. Throughout history and to now Black women have always “lifted their voices […]

Review of “That’s All FOLKS!”

Review of “That’s All FOLKS!” While reading this article I was reminded of the origin of folk music. The article defines folk music as a form of expression for African slaves. They all suffered together, therefore Folk music provided them with a sense of community. In this article I also learned that folk music was […]