Origin Techno gave a new touch to the music industry. Techno music was birthed in the mid to late 80s. The genre was first emerged in Detroit Michigan. At the time, things were evolving and computers and robots were taking over. The culture became more industrial, so the music industry had to adapt to it. […]

Hippity Hoppity/ Rap

There has been conversation regarding hip hop and its effects on the African American population. Hip Hop was born in the inner cities of New York. Hip Hop started off as just beats and breaks before MC’s decided to start rhyming over them. Hip Hop served as a vehicle for social commentary. It was the […]

Zaniyah Dock

WHY I SHOULD BE EXEMPT FROM THE FINAL I should be exempt from the final because I have been able to produce good work. This class has been a good learning experience. I genuinely feel satisfied with having learned all of the material we have gone over. I am the type of person who loves […]

Gospel: Past vs. Present

Past Song: He’s an on Time God by Dottie Peoples 1994 Present Song: Won’t He Do It by Koryn Hawthorne 2017 Gospel music is an integral part of the Black community’s expression and synthesis of music and dance in which individuals unify as a whole. It represents a strong link to African roots. Many aspects […]

We’ve Got the Funk!

Background on Funk Music and it’s Relation to Disco Now we’re in the late 70’s and we’re introduced to a genre entitled Funk. Funk music is looked at as a sound of rebellion and a celebration of being Black. Funk Music was very influential to many other genres, especially Hip Hop. Once James Brown came […]

R&B: Gene Chandler

Gene Chandler, born Eugene Dixon, is an African American soul artist who is known for his #1 Billboard Hot 100 chart song hit record named “Duke of Earl” (1962). This song was recorded by the Dukays, which was his doo-wop group, but was released as a solo record by Vee Jay Records.”Duke of Earl” was […]

Blacks & The Blues

The Origin Like an other musical genre, it is of no surprise that the blues transcended from African American roots.The blues sprung from the deep south in Mississippi and began to take over the south in the 1900s. The musical genre stemmed from folk music and work songs, but with the introduction of new instruments […]

Jazz: Contribution of Louis Armstrong

Jazz originated from African American communities of New Orleans, Louisiana. Because of its development from roots of blues, it is known as America’s classical music. The music genre is characterized by the combination of African and European music. From an African music standpoint, jazz has a rhythm and feel blues quality to it and from […]

Fisk Jubilee Quartet

Fisk Jubilee Quartet Singers In 1871, the Fisk Jubilee Singers began their first tour in a fundraising effort for Fisk University. The tour took the route of the Underground Railroad and performed spirituals, paying homage to their ancestors and heritage. Only five years after founding, the university was experiencing financial hardships, yet never strayed from […]

Negro Spirituals

Origins Negro Spirituals is a genre of songs created by African-Americans during the time of enslavement.  The spirituals were used as a form of communication and encouragement, while enforcing Christian values. Elements Negro Spirituals were a way of sharing the stories in the Bible.  Most slaves could not read, so when stories were told, they […]

African American Folk – The Untold Truths

Like many other things, the world tries to strip people of African descent of their credible contributions made to society. This lack of knowledge leads to the undervaluing of African’s worth, as well as the misinterpretation of true history. At the root of this gross atrocity is selfishness. Africans were stripped of their land, stripped […]