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I started off this class with little knowledge of black music or music in general. I must say this was a very entertaining and informative

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This poster describes the evolution of hip hop and some of its pioneers. It shows artist from the 1970s- till date(2018). Hiphop became very popular

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Gospel in the 50s

Gospel in the 1950s Gospel in the 50s was known as the Golden age gospel. The Jubilee quartets still had a huge influence on music

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Artist Bibliography – W.C handy

Handy, W. C, et al. Father of the Blues : An Autobiography. Collier Books, 1970. Hurwitt, Elliott S. “W. C. Handy” in International Dictionary of Black Composers. Chicago:

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Let’s get Jazzy, shall we?

Jazz music was born in the city of  New Orleans,Louisiana. New Orleans had a great tradition of celebration. Opera, military marching bands, folk music, the blues,

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