The 2000’s

The 2000’s Origin and Characteristics In the 2000s musical era of African American music was the continuation of two critical genres in popular black music, R&B and Hip-hop/Rap. Both R&B and Hip hop became increasingly more profitable and popular during the 2000’s due to music videos becoming more popular than they were in the 1990s. […]

A New Era Of Classical Music

Origin & Characteristics In the early twentieth century, classically trained African American composers emerged and taught at various black colleges and universities. During the antebellum period Philadelphia served as the cultural capital for Black America. Many black composers flourished despite the racism taking place. During this period in time musicians were seen as entertainment rather […]

Samuel Coleridge-Taylor – Classical Artist Tiana Worrell and Tayla Bibb

BIOGRAPHY Born on August 15 1875 in London England and died September 1, 1912 Classical composer and musician He gained his influence to compose from the poet Paul Lawrence and FIsk Jubilee Performance By 1896, He earned his reputation as a composer and got his big break with his “Ballade in A minor” He was […]

Lets Hippity Hop

Origin & Characteristics Hip-hop is a creative expression widely used by African Americans, Afro-Caribbean’s and Latino Communities. It has many ranges of performance expressions, such as breakdancing, DJing, vinyl records, and MCing also known as rapping. Rap comes from the cultural and verbal traditions of African descent people. Many of the influences that came with […]

Moving to the Rhythm and Blues

Origin and Characteristics                                    Rhythm and blues also known as R&B is a black dance music that evolved during World War II. It is typically recorded in independent record labels and was associated with demographic, economic, and social changes […]

Travis Scott Astroworld Concert Review

                   Travis Scott Astroworld took place November 13th at 7:30 at the State Farm Arena. The opening acts were Sheck Wes, Trippie Red and Gunna. Sheck Wes performed his hit songs including crowd pleaser ‘Mo Bamba’. Atlanta rapper Gunna performed his hit songs including, ‘Drip or down’ […]

OTR II Concert Review

                                                     Beyonce and Jay Z OTR II concert was an amazing concert. The opening acts and special guest include Dj Khalid, Chloe x Halle, Ludacris, CeeLo and Monica. The concert […]

Eclipsed (Play) Analysis

                                                                     Actors in Play/ Characters Helena(Wife #1) – Saycon Sengbloh Maima (Wife #2) – Zainab Jah Bessie (Wife #3) – Pascale Armand […]

It’s Time To Get Funky

Origin & Characteristics Funk emerged in the late 1960s and become very popular in the 1970s. It is seen as a form of dance music that has incorporations of blues and jazz. Funk has elements from various musical genres that include rhythm, blue styled arrangements, jazz and rock solos, guitar timbres and vocal styles from […]

Let’s Get Jazzed Up With Jazz

Origin & Characteristics Jazz is greatly known as the peak of African American music in the twentieth century due to its originality with improvisation, amazing performers and composers and artistry. Many saw jazz as ‘America’s classical music’ or ‘African American Classical Music’. Jazz has various characteristics improvisation, syncopation, rhythmic blues feeling and harmonic complexity. Jazz […]

The Funkadelic Life of Bootsy Collins

Biography & Musical Career Willam Earl Collins aka Bootsy Collins was born October 26, 1951, (age 67). He is from Cincinnati, Ohio. He is known as an a funk bass player and famous singer songwriter. Bootsy was apart of Parliament-Funkadelic with Georgia Clinton and Bernie Worrell. He is known as one of the artist that founded […]

The Transition into new music: Ragtime

Origin and Characteristics Ragtime is a musical style during the period of 1896 and 1920. It is a genre of music for the piano with a highly syncopated treble over a steady bass. It is typically composed in three to four sections. In the style of ragtime it is typically described as a “ragged time”,  […]

Jazz Fusion

ORIGIN AND CHARACTERISTICS Originated in the 1970’s from the release of Miles Davis’ Bitches Brew in 1969 (sold over half a million copies) Started a new direction in jazz and also know as Jazz Rock Instrumentation used in subgenre:  Electric guitars, amplifiers, and keyboards Are less likely to use piano, double bass and drums The […]

Micheal Dyson’s Breakfast Club Review

The interview with Micheal Dyson of the breakfast club was a very great interview. His points on the various topics that transpired on the show were excellent and very knowledgeable. Dyson really touched on many topics, such as -Adele winning the grammy over Beyoncé, her speech and why she should have took more of stand […]

Let’s Get Down with The Soul of Blues

Origin Blues is a secular African American musical genre. The term blues began to emerge around the 1890’s in the black community. In the deep south and Midwest, the style of blues was emerging rapidly, specifically in rural areas, small towns and cities such as, New Orleans, Memphis and St. Louis. These songs were new […]

The transition of new music: Quartets

Origin & Characteristics There were three periods of quartets; The Jubilee quartet period (1880 – 1929), The Transitional Period (1930-1945), and The Gospel Period (1946-1969). The early quartets that emerged sung with very close and distinct harmonies. Many quartets dressed in suits and ties while performing. As time went along many quartets became popular and […]

Music Through The Years 2000-2018

Songs of the years 2000-2018 YEAR SONG TITLE/ARTIST REASON GENRE 2000 just friends/ Musiq Soul Child like the song r&b 2001 differences/ ginuwine like the song r&b/ soul 2002 don’tchange/ musiq soulchild song I listened to a lot r&b/ soul 2003 diary/ alicia keys great song by alicia keys r&b/ soul 2004 slow jams/ twista […]

The History of Slave and Folk Spiritual Music

Origin and Characteristic of Genre The origin of slave/folk spirituals music began with the beginning of Africans being brought over to America during slavery. The spiritual was a type of folksong that was associated with the enslavement of African people. Everything was stripped away from them, but the one thing they kept with them was […]

Tiana Worrell

My name is Tiana Worrell. I am a Junior, Biology major from Atlanta, Georgia. I have always had the passion for working in medicine specifically dealing with children. My dream career is to become a doctor the specializes in neonatology or oncology. I have always had an additional passion for music so when picking a […]