Add Your Heading Text Here Techno music originated in Detroit in the early 1980s. Techno music is instrumental music that repeats and is created solely off of computers. There are many styles that make up Techno music such as break beats are known because it is using old and new records to create new music. There […]

Musical Theater

Ease on Down the Road African American musical theater used to be white people in racist blackface derisive and disrespecting the African American culture and appearance but finally in 1898, Will M. Cook and Bob Cole produce an African American written comedy to Broadway. Musical Theater allowed people to combine art, music, and dance to […]

Concert Post

RESENTMENT The concert that I went to was the contemporary popular music concert. It was on November 21,2019 at 7:30pm in LLC2 auditorium. It lasted until around 8:30pm. They performed eleven pieces. Each piece composed by different artist. List of songs performed: Give me a Reason by Tracy Chapman Jolene by Dolly Parton Good Goodbye […]


Funkadelic Funk music began in the mid 1960s. It is usually associated with the political movements and emphasized a time of black pride and the need for civil rights. Funk became a voice to the black power movement and gave pride to the black community due to artists such as James Brown and George Clinton. […]


Let’s get Groovy Disco began in the 1970s in New York. Disco music was created to be dance music and has elements from R&B and funk music. Disco is fast paced, has an upbeat tempo that impels listeners to dance. It also allows for less focus on an individual artist or instrument and focuses on […]


Music and All that Jazz Jazz began in New Orleans, Louisiana in the 1900’s. This was due to the amount of diversity in the city. African-American musical traditions intertwined with others and thats where jazz emerged from. It was a blend of ragtime, blues, and other kinds of music. Jazz began as dancing music but […]

I got the blues

Influential People W.C. Handy Bessie Smith Mammie Smith Ida Cox John Lee Hooker Howlin’ Wolf Blind Lemon Jefferson The blues subgenres Classical Blues Texas Blues Mississippi delta blues Chicago blues Country blues Swing Blues Piedmont blues Electric blues The blues originated in the Mississippi Delta influenced by negro spirituals. The blues is said to have begun […]

Jubilee Quartet

The Four Harmonies The jubilee period occurred from the late nineteenth and early twentieth century so black colleges could gain monetary support for financial hardships. The name quartet is not defined by the number of individual voices but by the four harmonies that are sung. Jubilee quartets have a minimum of four voices and a […]


Ragtime Ragtime was also called the ‘Coon Song’ lasted from the years 1896-1920 was created in Mississippi & Missouri.A ragtime composition is usually composed three or four contrasting sections or strains, each one being 16 or 32 measures in length. Coon songs and cakewalks — the latter especially composed for dancing. The cakewalk was made […]


The Lord is coming Gospel emerged during the early decades of the 20th century in urban centers such as Chicago, Detroit, New York, LA following the great migration of blacks from the rural south. Although, it was not until the 1930s that the term “gospel music,” and distinctive performance style, gained widespread usage among blacks […]

Negro Spirituals

Negro spirituals are songs created by the Africans who were captured and brought to the United States to be sold into slavery. Some characteristics  of the songs are that they were slow and low sounding. The songs were also used to communicate with one another without the knowledge of their masters. This was particularly the […]

Let’s go Folks

Folk music originated in the 19th century when the enslaved Africans came over to the new land. Folk music originated in Africa and was brought to America during the Slave Trade.  Folk music was a way for slaves to tell their story. Because they were forced to a new area without any of their original […]