Author: Tyler Jennings

Funky Town Get Down

Origin of the Genre Funk music originated in the mid 1960’s when black musicians such as James Brown created a style of grooving where the

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Once On This Island

The Story  The play starts off with a girl crying due to the thunder claps so the village decides to tell her a story to

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Quincy Jones Film Reflection

In the documentary, Jones talks through it at points narrating his life and giving nostalgic stories of his beginnings  He says that “if you know

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Class of Classical Music

Origin of the Genre The origin of classical music can be found dating back to the Medieval times (5th to 15th century). Classical music was

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The Bloomin’ Blues

  Origin of the Genre Blues music originated in the south towards the end of the 19th century. It’s soulful sounds were developed from work

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Raging Ragtime

Origin of the Genre Preceded by its close relative the “cakewalk”, Ragtime developed from secularized Folk music in the mid to late 19th century. The

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