Author: Tayla Bibb

Homecoming Hip Hop Concert

Homecoming Hip Hop Concert 2018 I attended the homecoming hip hop concert on Wednesday, October 24th in the Forbes Arena. The lineup included Young Nudy,

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Funk– A Black Thing

Characteristics & Origin Funk can carry different means for different people. Some might describe this genre as a “form of expression…a good feeling…life…love”. It originated

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Fusion Jazz

ORIGIN & CHARACTERISTICS Instrumentation used in subgenre:  Electric guitars, amplifiers, and keyboards Are less likely to use piano, double bass and drums The fusion of

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Quincy Jones Movie

The Legendary Quincy Jones To know where you came from makes it easier for you to get where you are going Quincy Jones Tweet The

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The Soul of Blues

Origin Blues originating around the 1890’s was seen as an African American genre of music. Blues gained its popularity in the black community specifically in

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Let’s Get to Ragging

Origin & Characteristics The genre Ragtime was during the period of 1890 through 1918. The genre of ragtime was defined as having elements of African

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Introduction—Tayla Bibb

I’m Tayla Bibb, a junior Biology major at Spelman College from Birmingham, Alabama. I aspire to be an OB/GYN who serves in the underserved communities. As

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