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Do you really know the Classics?

The classical genre originated around the 11th or 12th century in Europe, but was introduced to the African American community by the “Black Mozart”, Chevalier

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Baby you’ll feel the Blues

The Blues genre originated around the 1890s, during severe limitations of African Americans freedom in society due to Jim crow laws and a new influx

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Ragged Rhythm The height of the genre Ragtime existed between 1896 to about the 1920’s.  This genre is a mix of a lot of different aspects,

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Quartet music originated around the 1880’s is compiled (in the African American sense) of at least four voices/instruments and at most six voices. Although, as

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Always in our SPIRITS

Spirituals are a genre of American folk music that articulate the suffering, longing, and religious passion of African Americans during slavery and its aftermath.  Religious

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FOLKs love the banjo

Music in the folk genre originated from the struggles of oppressed African Americans, most specifically in slavery.  In order to preserve a sense of culture

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Final Goodbye

Dear Doc (and Brooke), Thank you for such an exciting class.  I really learned a lot, and what I like most is that I learned

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Taylor Simpson’s Work

Folks Love the Banjo I said a HIP-HOP, to the… Disco, House, Techno, What you don’t know…  It’s time to get FUNKy You Got Soul

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Taylor Simpson: IME

Introduction: Hi! My name is Taylor Simpson and I am from Washington, DC, but I was born in Atlanta, Georgia.  My major is currently Econ, but

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