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The Best Of Etta James Nicknamed “Miss Peaches,” singer Etta James (legally known as Jamesetta Hawkins) is known as “The Matriarch of R&B.”  A versatile singer successful in the R&B, doo-wop, pop, rock, funk, gospel and jazz genres, James’ was known and is renown for her deeply soulful and extraordinary voice regardless of her controversial […]

I said a HIP-HOP, to the…

Hip-Hop, the most listened to genre in America, was originated by African-Americans in the late 70s in the New York area. It was in the 80s when hip-hop started to spread across the nation, and each region developed their own flavor of hip hop. For example in New York the lyrical scheme of hip hop […]

Disco, House, Techno… what you don’t know

Disco, House, and Techno music originated all around the 70s. Disco music, which was started in night clubs, was parented by Funk, Soul, and Pop. The term Disco comes as an abbreviation of the french word discothèqu.  Disco with its more high tempo style is characterized by its four on the floor on the bass, […]

It’s time to get Funk(y)

Funk, being known for is outside-the-box label, was originated in the late 1960s. Funk has its unpredictable sense of lyricism combined with aggressive grooves that insinuates dancing. Some characteristics of Funk are a heavy bass lines, the beat on one (instead of two and four often in R&B), and more often than not live instruments […]

You got Soul?

Soul originated in the 1950s in the southern united states. Parented by R&B and gospel, these two genres both tie into Soul music. Soul keeps the R&B relation due to its link to physical desire in the lyrics of soul music. On the other hand Soul keeps the gospel relation due to its spiritual connection […]

R&B 4ever

Rhythm and Blues was originated in the 1940s by African American artists and emerged in the World War II era. Originally labeled as “race music” African Americans were formally introduced to Rhythm and Blues through funk and soul. Over time the name was abbreviated to R&B to shorten the lengthy title. The rhythm part in […]

Gospel is Good for the Soul

Gospel was originated in the late 1800s by African-American churches in the southern United States. The reason why gospel remains deeply rooted in the rich traditions of the African American church is because this genre is soulful. African-American spirituals and hymns are often times accompanied by hand-clapping and foot-stomping. The characteristics of this genre are […]

Artist Biography Outline: Etta James

Outline: Methodology:   Insert methods used for research(music, documentaries, biographies, etc). Perhaps insert prior knowledge of artist. Introduction Thesis: Nicknamed “Miss Peaches,” singer Etta James (legally known as Jamesetta Hawkins) is known as “The Matriarch of R&B.”  A versatile singer successful in the R&B, doo-wop, pop, rock, funk, gospel and jazz genres, James’ was known for […]

Do you really know the Classics?

The classical genre originated around the 11th or 12th century in Europe, but was introduced to the African American community by the “Black Mozart”, Chevalier de Saint-George in the 1770’s.  African Americans were only seriously introduced to the classical genre after the civil war (also known as the antebellum period), but were taught by European […]

Baby you’ll feel the Blues

The Blues genre originated around the 1890s, during severe limitations of African Americans freedom in society due to Jim crow laws and a new influx of white immigrants, specifically in the rural South.  The false hope of freedom and a fulfilled life after Emancipation left African Americans hopeless. Instead of playing into the incredibly overwhelming […]

Ragged Rhythm The height of the genre Ragtime existed between 1896 to about the 1920’s.  This genre is a mix of a lot of different aspects, not just solely african roots.  Ragtime music is categorized as fusion between classical music and jazz music, as well as containing origins from European and African American music.  The music […]


Quartet music originated around the 1880’s is compiled (in the African American sense) of at least four voices/instruments and at most six voices. Although, as opposed to Europeans, Africans defined a Quartet based on how many harmonies existed in the group, not how many were actually in the group.  The jubilee quartets (acapella groups with […]

Always in our SPIRITS

Spirituals are a genre of American folk music that articulate the suffering, longing, and religious passion of African Americans during slavery and its aftermath.  Religious hymns, work songs, along with traditional African rhythms and chanting styles all contributed to the development of spirituals. Negro Spirituals are a type of religious songs originating among Black slaves […]

FOLKs love the banjo

Music in the folk genre originated from the struggles of oppressed African Americans, most specifically in slavery.  In order to preserve a sense of culture and sense of community in such dire times, slaves would create ways of communication through folk music, for example, during field time, they would implement a Call and Response song […]

Final Goodbye

Dear Doc (and Brooke), Thank you for such an exciting class.  I really learned a lot, and what I like most is that I learned it from writing my own artists posts! Class was always very entertaining, and unlike some of my classes I can say I learned something new everyday.  Although I have played […]

Taylor Simpson’s Work

Folks Love the Banjo I said a HIP-HOP, to the… Disco, House, Techno, What you don’t know…  It’s time to get FUNKy You Got Soul Artist Bibliography  R&B 4ever Gospel is Good For the Soul Artist Biography Outline Do You Know the Classics Baby You’ll Feel the Blues Ragged Rhythm  QUARtets Always in our SPIRITS  […]

Taylor Simpson: IME

Introduction: Hi! My name is Taylor Simpson and I am from Washington, DC, but I was born in Atlanta, Georgia.  My major is currently Econ, but I am hoping to switch to International Studies and minor in Spanish.  I plan to travel throughout my career, specifically to Spanish speaking countries.  I love learning about other cultures and […]