Musical Theater: Minstrel Shows

Musical Theater is defined as an area of drama in which singing and dancing play an essential part. For relevancy to African American music, we will be examining minstrel shows. Minstrel Shows emerged from European traditions of masking and carnival. Those traditions carried over into the US in the 1830’s with working class white men […]

Last Words – Synahia

LAST WORDS Dr. Johnson, Taking this class for a semester has been such an enjoyable learning experience. Initially, I signed up to fulfill my fine arts credit, but by being here I have gained so much more knowledge about the genres throughout the ages. Prior to taking this class I only had a basic level […]

Jhene Aiko: Healing Through The Arts

Jhene Aiko: Healing Through The Arts  Jhene Aiko, famous R&B singer and songwriter, is one of few artists in this day and age to use her voice for social activism and advocacy. Through the traumas of pain and personal experience, Jhene Aiko uses her growing platform to support mental health awareness and healing through the […]

Hip Hop History

Hip Hop is most notably known for being originated in the South Bronx, New York. It’s founding is contributed to legendary DJ Afrika Bambaataa and Kool Herc. This new genre was characterized by MC’s, turntables, break dancers, beat boys, and graffiti art. Beyond a genre, Hip Hop is a civilization, creating its own lane and […]

Jhene Aiko Outline

Synahia Tigner 04 March 2018 Dr. Johnson Biographical Study Outline   Biographical Study Outline: “Jhene Aiko – Healing Through The Arts” Artist: Jhene Aiko Research Methodology: Thesis: Through the traumas of pain and personal experience, Jhene Aiko uses her growing platform to be an advocate for mental health awareness and healing through the arts. She […]

Feminine Hues of the Blues: Women of the Genre

Feminine Hues of the Blues: Women in the Genre The Blues is one of Black America’s greatest contributions to music. Its origins are pinpointed to the Mississippi Delta in the late nineteenth century at a time of high social tension during the Jim Crow era. With segregation and discrimination at an all time high, the […]

Fromn Fad to Rag

From Fad to Rag.   One of the many great contributions of black music is the creation of the treasure that is Ragtime. Ragtime, because of its ambiguity and meshing of styles, can sometimes be hard to define, but it is a mixture of the early styles of jazz and classical music. It’s musicians and […]

The Birth of The Beatboxer: Jubilee Quartets

The Birth of the Beatboxer: Jubilee Quartets Early forms of black music such as negro spirituals and folk music were created for the intent of passing time, conveying messages, and mental escape, but the late nineteenth and early twentieth century gave rise to a new genre of music, The Jubilee Quartet, with its major purpose […]

Folk Not Fiction

Folk music, like other early genres of music, consisted of songs and rhymes passed down from generations by word of mouth, tradition, and other means of passing things down before music was written and recorded. It is a traditional form of rural music in America as well as Europe. Although much of its history has […]

IME – Synahia

Introduction: Hello, my name is Synahia Tigner, a Junior economics major from Hogansville, Ga. Though a small town girl, I have big dreams, with hopes of creating a lane for Black women within the fashion and retail industries by establishing a high-end and reputable brand. To build its foundation, I started my own fashion and […]

Funk Post

Origin of the Genre Funk music was created in the 1960’s by black artists as a new danceable rhythmic mix of jazz, R & B, and Soul. The name “Funk” is used to describe the funky, groovy sounds heard over funk records that make listeners want to dance.   Characteristics of the Genre Funk music […]

Grandma’s Gospel

GRANDMA’S GOSPEL Gospel, in the form of the genre that we are familiar with in present times saw its emergence in America beginning in the 1930’s. Its origins come from African American spirituals and its call and response structure. The incorporation of other styles of rhythm and blues, jazz, and soul were not initially accepted […]

Jazzy History

Jazzy History The origins of Jazz date back to the late 1800’s, with its emergence from the city of New Orleans, Louisiana. With a diverse population of French, Spanish, Creole, and African Americans, the city hosts a variety of different music forms, meshing together to create a beautiful and unique genre. The Jazz sound is […]

A Classic American Story

A CLASSIC AMERICAN STORY The term “classical” is used to describe music produced between 1750 and 1820, characterized by an almost obsession with structural clarity. It’s styles include that of the symphony, concerto, and sonata. It is derived from and inspired by European culture and composers such as Haydn, Beethoven and Mozart. As it parallels […]

Not So Sweet Chariots

Negro spirituals are a sacred genre of black music. They are religious songs often associated with southern Black Christians, tying back to African-American slaves. These songs were used to tell stories, escape the hardships of slavery, and convey messages. They told stories of promised lands in Heaven. They gave hope of the Savior to relieve […]