Author: Synahia Tigner

Last Words – Synahia

LAST WORDS Dr. Johnson, Taking this class for a semester has been such an enjoyable learning experience. Initially, I signed up to fulfill my fine

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Jhene Aiko Bibliography

Jhene Aiko Bio Jhené Aiko Opens Up About Brother’s Death And Battle With Depression In Poetry Book ‘2Fish’ Jhené Aiko Reveals ‘M.A.P.’ Mission

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Hip Hop History

Hip Hop is most notably known for being originated in the South Bronx, New York. It’s founding is contributed to legendary DJ Afrika Bambaataa and

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Jhene Aiko Outline

Synahia Tigner 04 March 2018 Dr. Johnson Biographical Study Outline   Biographical Study Outline: “Jhene Aiko – Healing Through The Arts” Artist: Jhene Aiko Research

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Fromn Fad to Rag

From Fad to Rag.   One of the many great contributions of black music is the creation of the treasure that is Ragtime. Ragtime, because

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Folk Not Fiction

Folk music, like other early genres of music, consisted of songs and rhymes passed down from generations by word of mouth, tradition, and other means

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