Its time to go get funk! Funk was created in the late 1960’s. Funk is a mixture of Soul, R&B, and jazz. Funk music linked several of different types of music together. One of the famous funk songs is “I’m Black and I’m Proud”. Songs like this empowered black to embrace who they were and […]

I said a hip, hop to the hippie…

  “I said to the hip, hop, the hippie to the hippie to the hip hip hoppa you don’t stop the rockin to the bang bang boogie said up jumps the boogie to the rhythm of the boogie the beat.” It’s Hip-hop time. Hip-hop was invented in the BEST state which is New York. Hip-hop […]

The art of the Theatre

  African American theatre music dates back to as early as the 1830’s. A lot of people thought to believe that whites were the ones who initially wrote African American Musical Theatre due to their blackface productions. After the Civil War had passed there was a change to black theatre. The difference between before and […]

God is good! All the time! And all the time God is good!

“Melodies from heaven…”  Gospel music emerged in the 1930’s. Gospel music came from Jubilee Quartets which came from Negro Spirituals. The difference between Negro Spitiruals and Gospel music is Gospel music is more geared towards biblical text. Gospel music didn’t get recognized until the National Baptist Convention. The father of gospel is Thomas A. Dorsey […]

Techno… more like Technology.

Techno was created in the mid 1980’s in Detroit, Michigan. Techno is the daughter of house music, electronic dance music, disco, and industrial music. Techno is usually represented with repetitive instrumental music. You would typically hear techno music when the DJ plays a continuous set of the same music. Techno came about when Juan Atkins, […]

Oh, the sweet sound of Disco. Disco Post.

Oh, the sweet sound of disco. Disco originated in New York City in the late 1960’s or early 1970’s. Disco music is a mixture of four different backgrounds of music; which was African American, Hispanic, Latino-American, and Italian-Americans. Disco music allowed the LGBTQ community within these backgrounds to express themselves; especially gay men with African-American, […]

Blues Post

Blues music came about from the Mississippi Delta (New Orleans). A lot of people ‘back in the day’ listened to blues because of its deep history behind it. The inventor of blues were slaves and family members of slaves. Blues came from the outside slaves who typically worked in the fields. The blues started to […]

Ragtime Post

Ragtime ran its course from 1896-1920. Ragtime brought an upbeat to music which is what made it popular. The instrument used in ragtime was the piano. A popular dance that was created by slaves was called the Cake Dance. The Cake Dance was a dance that imitated the slaves master in a dance. The winner […]

Negro Spirituals Post

Negro Spirituals was developed in 1865. Negro Spirituals were very popular while slavery was going on. Even when slavery stopped Negro Spirituals still continued. Two profound artist during this time was Marian Anderson and Mahalia Jackson. Marian Anderson was known for her ‘deep’ voice in the spirituals and she was the first women to sing […]

Jubilee Quartets Post

There are five different types of Jubilee Quartets. The first kind is University Jubilee Quartets which were school based. The second kind is Minstrel Jubilee Quartets which were based on blackface. The third quartet is Community-based Jubilee Quartets, which were founded in the community. The fourth Quartet is Shape Note/ Sacred Hope Quartets. The last […]

Marian Anderson Article Review

Before reading the article on Marian Anderson, I was unaware about her contributions to Negro Spirituals. In Anderson’s lifetime, she won many awards such as: Kennedy Center Honors, Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award, and Congressional Gold Medal. Anderson was the first African American singer to sing at the white house and the first African American singer […]

“That’s all Folk… Music” Article Review

According to the article African American music has always been hard to understand. From my interpretation of the article, Black folk music originated from “work songs” which were sung while slaves were working on the field. “Work songs” are also known as call-and-action songs, which was a slaves way of communicating information to one another.  […]