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Its time to go get funk! Funk was created in the late 1960’s. Funk is a mixture of Soul, R&B, and jazz. Funk music linked

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The art of the Theatre

  African American theatre music dates back to as early as the 1830’s. A lot of people thought to believe that whites were the ones

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Blues Post

Blues music came about from the Mississippi Delta (New Orleans). A lot of people ‘back in the day’ listened to blues because of its deep

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Ragtime Post

Ragtime ran its course from 1896-1920. Ragtime brought an upbeat to music which is what made it popular. The instrument used in ragtime was the

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Negro Spirituals Post

Negro Spirituals was developed in 1865. Negro Spirituals were very popular while slavery was going on. Even when slavery stopped Negro Spirituals still continued. Two

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Jubilee Quartets Post

There are five different types of Jubilee Quartets. The first kind is University Jubilee Quartets which were school based. The second kind is Minstrel Jubilee

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Marian Anderson Article Review

Before reading the article on Marian Anderson, I was unaware about her contributions to Negro Spirituals. In Anderson’s lifetime, she won many awards such as:

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