Author: Stephanie Johnson

Cool Jazz

The Origin Of Jazz Starting in the south down in the bayous, from New Orleans emerged a new sound and genre that none had ever

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Disco Diva!

Background Ladonna Adrian Gaines better known as the “Queen of Disco”, was a famous singer/songwriter in the late 1970s. Donna Summer performed in her church

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Origin The phrases of “get funky” and “funkified” are not new to the world and more specifically, they are not new to the African American

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The Mann in Gospel

Tamela Mann Background Biography Tamela Mann was born June 9, 1966 in Limestone County, Texas. Tamela Mann is the youngest out of fourteen children. As

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Feelin’ The Blues

Everybody knows a little about the blues but most don’t know the history and origins of it. The blues built is foundation of the backs

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Ragtime: Music and Fun Ragtime is a musical style that incorporates vocal and instrumental ragtime, coon songs, and cakewalks. All together ragtime creates a performance

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Jubilee Quartets

Jubilee Quartet Jubilee quartets made their way onto the musical scene in the early 20th centuries. It started out as a way for black colleges

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The Church House

The Church House and The Ring Shout Negro Spirituals are the oldest songs that people of color still sing today. These songs were the  motivation

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What Folk Music Gave Us

What Folk Music Gave Us For the black community, folk music is the origin of music in the United States. Folk music gave birth to

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