Shirley Verrett: “Opera Singer of Power and Grace”

Classical music is heavily derived from European culture and it differs from other genres from its beginnings because of the fact that it was more often notated which in turn created scores. These scores detail the way in which each piece is meant to be sung very thoroughly. Therefore, when singing these pieces, there is […]

Down by the River…: The Diffusion of Children’s Game Songs

[embedyt][/embedyt] Being taken away from “The Motherland” caused Africans to be stripped of many things. What remained with them was their culture, their religion/folklore, and their music. They even took the European traditions that were forced upon them and conformed them to the “African aesthetic ideals”. Africans always seemed to find a way to make […]

Shalyn Carthan’s IME

Shalyn Carthan’s Introduction, Mindset, and Experience                My name is Shalyn Carthan. I am a sophomore music major from Decatur, Georgia. My family connects through our love of music. My grandmother learned how to play the piano and the organ and was playing the organ for St. Timothy’s Episcopal […]