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Hip Hop

The emergence of the Hip-Hop genre occurred in the 1970s by a young man named, Clive Campbell, in Bronx, New York. Clive Campbell created the

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What Up Doe Techno

What Up Doe Techno The Birth of Techno Techno was born in the Motown city of Detroit, Michigan in the 1980s. By the middle of

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Let’s Get Jazzy

Let’s Get Jazzy Jazz Jazz is a mixture of blues and ragtime music. Jazz emerged in the booming city of New Orleans, Louisiana in 1895.

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A Remembrance of Ragtime

A remembrance of Ragtime In the late 1980s, the genre of Ragtime was influenced by the Minstrel Show Music in St. Louis, Missouri. Ragtime consisted

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Give Me Some Gospel

Give Me Some Gospel The genre of Gospel emerged in 1946 from African Americans who desired a new form of music to express their common

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What’s Up With Folk?

What’s Up With Folk? “That’s all folks… Music” Article Critique by Sarah Bradford Folk Music originated in 1865 in the Americas from Africans of from

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