Bebop Origin Bebop is a branch of jazz that originated in the mid 1940’s. It was created by the younger generation of jazz musicians as a creative expansion of jazz.  The popularized type jazz prior to bebop was the dance-oriented swing style. Bebop was created to be a non- danceable, complex style of music that […]

Sarafina! – Musical Theater

Timeline-  The musical “Sarafina!” is based on the life of Sarafina and her experiences as a South African in the apartheid. The musical begins with boys burning apart of their school, in which we find out later these boys are apart of the Soweto Uprising. The Soweto Uprising was established by black children in efforts to […]

R&B (Rhythm&Blues)

Origin Rhythm and Blues otherwise known as R&B was birthed during WWII around 1939-1945. The evolvement of R&B is due to the social changes that occurred in America from the 1940’s – 1960’s, and allowed a new genre for African-American artists and musicians to flourish. The genre took elements from jazz, blues, and gospel to […]


ORIGIN Run-DMC is a hip-hop group that was established in 1981. The group is made up of three prominent artist, Joseph Simmons, Darryl Mc Daniels, and Jason Mizell. Each of the boys grew up together in Hollis, Queens, however it wasn’t until Russel Simmons discovered them and the infamous group, Run DMC, was formed. Joseph […]

Endless Summer Tour – Sept 5th

The Endless Summer Tour is headlined by G-Eazy, Lil Uzi, Ty Dolla $ign, and YBN Nahmir. I attended the tour on Sept 5th of 2018 at the Lakewood Amphitheater. The genre of each of these artists is Hip-Hop/Rap. The Endless Summer Tour has been a reoccurring concert that G-Eazy hosts during the summer. However, he […]

Classical: Black Edition

Origin Although Classical Music origins date back to the early 18th century, it is not until the twentieth century where we see it become prominent among the black community. With our renowned freedom, we were finally able to showcase our talents which included adding our own style of music and skills to the genre. Characteristics […]

Why you so Blue?

Origin The origin of the ‘Blues’ can be traced back to the early 1890’s and continued to be dominant until the 1920’s. The term ‘Blues’ was coined due to the serious and formal tone that was taken on by many songs that fell into the genre. The genre represented a new type of sound which […]

Julia Perry

Julia Perry is famously known as an American neoclassical composer. Neoclassical was very distinct from common classical music as it arose in the early twentieth century where composers attempted to reintroduce classical aspects from the 18th century. Perry was born in Lexington, Kentucky and her childhood was spent engrossed in music as she studied voice, […]

Recognize Our Black Genius @Becky

Eric Dyson is a respected Sociology Professor who is famously known for speaking out on racial and societal issues that affect the black community. Dyson was featured on the Breakfast Club in 2017 to discuss Beyonce’s recent loss at the Grammy’s which resulted in a discussion of white privilege in not just our music world, […]

Anyone need a Rag?

Origin Ragtime emerged in the 1890’s as a genre most famously played and known by African-Americans. At the time, black musicians developed ragtime as a playing style and it was most commonly played in brothels, saloons, or bars due to African-Americans being restricted on where they could perform after the Civil War. As a result, […]

Everything is Better in 4’s – Jubilee/Quartets

Origin In the 19th century, a new genre of music filled our homes. A highly rhythmic and fast tempo genre composed of groups of four,  is famously known as Jubilee Quartets. After the Emancipation Proclamation and the Civil War , slaves were finally able to enjoy basic human rights such as the right to gain […]

The Songs of Our People

Origin According to historians, Negro Spirituals arose in the late 18th Century. Though many are unsure of the exact year, historians predict that spirituals originated in the 18th century due to that being the period when a majority of African-Americans converted to Christianity post Great Awakening. One of the few things slaves brought over from […]

1928 – 1950 Era by Samara Jefferson

God Bless the Child Artist: Billie Holiday Year Released: 1942 The song titled, “ God Bless the Child” by Billie Holiday falls into the genre of Jazz.  The song uses instruments such as a trumpet, alto saxophone, piano, guitar, bass, and drums which combined with Billie Holiday’s voice forms a downtempo song. Holiday’s reasoning for […]

All About Me – Samara Jefferson

Welcome to my Page! My name is Samara Jefferson, and I am a first year Health Sciences Major from Fairfield, California! I decided to take the Survey of African- American Music class because it sounded different and fun especially since I enjoy various types of music, I felt it would suit my interest! My favorite […]