Origin of Genre In the late 19th century and early 20th century, ragtime peaked in popularity. Ragtime became recognized as an official all black genre. The style was directed towards entertainment and performance style. Sprouting from cake walk and coon songs, ragtime added a simplistic syncopated beat to dance songs. Characteristicsof Genre: What […]

Olly Wilson- Classical Composer

“My music is directly related to the struggle, in that it aspires to inform, motivate and humanize, my fellow men in their aspirations.” – Olly Wilson   Olly Willson, of St. Louis, Missouri, was a prominent African American classical composer of the 20th and 21st centuries. Wilson is most famously known for his integration of […]

Michal Eric Dyson Breakfast Club Interview Reflection

First and foremost, Michael Dyson does an excellent job articulating and explaining the un recognition of white privilege. I feel Dyson delivered his message well enough for a white person to reflect on instances when they have used white privilege. He begins his talk by discussing the issues of white privilege in entertainment in regards […]

Jubilee Quartets

Jubilee quartets sprouted in the late 1800’s from the root of negro spirituals. Quartet music consist of a combination of spiritual and westernized adaptations. Quartet groups include 4 singers, 1 bass, baritone (often narrates), 2nd tenner, and 1st tenner. Musical selections are sung in acopella. Characteristics of Genre There are multiple variations of jubilee quartets. […]

Negro Spirituals and Folk Music

During the transatlantic slave trade, slaves brought their traditional customs to colonial America. Western Europeans were introduced to African language, folklore, religion, dancing, and most importantly singing. When examining music of the 21st century, the presence of African influence continues to exist. Negro spirituals served as a gateway for slaves to escape the turmoils of […]

5 songs from 2000’s

  Come and ride with me: TI (2005) This song makes me appreciate my southern roots and the music that comes  from the south. Kanye West: Slow Jam (2003) I chose this song because I really miss the old Kanye. He does a good job at sampling music and recreating beats.   Sorry by beyonce […]

Sadondra Wells

Hello, My name is Sadondra Wells. I’m a junior health science major from Jefferson, Georgia (small town about 1 hour north of Atlanta). My aspirations include substance abuse prevention and becoming an emergency physician. I currently work part time at Piedmont Newnan Hospital as a medical scribe and coach cheerleading at a facility in my […]