Women in Ragtime: Rosa Henderson

Rosa Henderson Women in Ragtime         When attempting to look up information on women singers and performers of the Ragtime era, you will notice that there is not much of it. This is probably due to the fact that the places where bands and singers performed at, such as dancehalls and parlors, […]

The Rise of Jubilee Quartets

The Rise of Jubilee Quartets https://youtu.be/crbQ_PU-mUo The Jubilee Quartets consist of three separate time periods: the Jubilee Period (1880-1929), the Transitional Period (1930-1945), and the Gospel Period (1946-1969). Each of these time periods consist of very distinct, yet important sounds and artists that went on to shape generations of African American music that we still […]

Negro Spirituals: The Invisible Church

During Slavery, African Americans were banned from meeting up for worship and church services without the supervision from whites. Because they were not allowed to hold their own services legally, they found ways to worship in secret, in defiance of the laws placed against them. The laws that prohibited them from gathering together without the […]

Queen of American Folk Music

A quick google search of “queen of American folk music” and you will easily find a nice amount of information on a woman named Odetta, who was known as one of the most influential singers in the 1950’s and 60’s revival of American folk music. She was also labeled as the “voice of the civil […]