The 93rd Annual Christmas Carol Concert

A Christmas Carol Concert I attended the 93rd Annual Spelman-Morehouse Christmas Carol Concert on December 7th, 2019. I truly enjoyed watching my talented sisters and brothers sing such amazing songs to bring in the holiday spirit. Throughout the concert, many songs were sung and performed for the audience. Of the songs that were performed, my […]

One Song Glory: Musical Theater

Musical Theater Musical Theater is a musical genre that was not previously recognized or popular back in the day. The works of African-Americans was shadowed by the theater world of which white people, actors and actresses dominated. The works of many black artist went unnoticed. Musical Theater back in the day contained music of different […]

It’s Electric!

It’s Electric! This musical genre first originated in Detroit, Michigan in the 1980s. Techno is a combination of funk and jazz music to form an electric genre that is popular for dancing on the dance floor. Techno has several characteristics, but the first characteristics is synthesizers, an electronic musical instrument that generates audio signals in […]

Ay, DJ Cut the Beat

Aye, DJ Cut The Beat! Hip Hop is a cultural movement that has acquired widespread popularity in the 1980s and 1990s. The music style incorporated rhythmic speech that became the movements most influential and notable art form. The term “Hip Hop” refers to a complex culture which consists of deejaying, rapping, graffiti painting and B-boying. […]

It’s a Brick… House!!

It’s a Brick HOUSE!!! Funk musical genre was popular in the 1970s and 1980s. This genre later linked soul music to black musical styles. This musical genre is closely associated with political environments that express black pride and civil rights. Funk is commonly referred and viewed as a form of dance music. Funk formed from […]

Oh, How I love That Gospel Sound

Oh, How I Love That Gospel Sound Gospel music is a form of rhythmic and spiritual music that is rooted in church singing of African Americans from the south. The evolution of Gospel coincided with Rhythm and Blues which is further known as R&B. Spirituals, which were around for well over a century, lead the […]

Boogie Oogie Oogie: A Disco Sound

Boogie Oogie Oogie: A Disco Sound Musical History Disco emerged in the early 1970’s in urban culture. Disco was an outlet through dancing for many black people during the 1970s. It presented a different type of musical vibe that the black community was not accustomed to during the time. Additionally, it provided more than just […]

Oo, I like that Jazz!

Oo, I Like That Jazz! Jazz originated from Black communities in New Orleans. In the late 1800s, Jazz was founded from its roots – ragtime and blues music. Jazz is also referenced as America’s classical music. Jazz has been a major form of expression in music in the 1920s. It has origins in traditional and […]

Dionne Warwick

Dionne Warwick Biography Dionne Warwick was born as Marie Dionne Warrick on December 12th, 1940. She was born in East Orange, New Jersey. Dionne c is the daughter of a record promoter and gospel group manager and performer, so she group up with a gospel musical background as a child. Her mother managed a gospel […]

Peyton Bolling Student Page

Peyton Bolling Student Work Page “The World is Full of Magical Things Patiently Waiting For Our Wits to Grow Sharper”  Bertrand Russell    My Favorite Songs

The Era of Ragtime by Peyton Bolling

Wheels Of a Dream: Ragtime, a forerunner of Jazz music from 1895 to 1919. Ragtime is a genre of music that evolved within the states of Mississippi and Missouri during the last decades of the 19th century. This genre was influenced by song of minstrel-shows, black banjo styles and syncopated dance rhythms – the cakewalk. […]

The Origins of Jubilee Quartets and Its Contributors by Peyton Bolling

A Harmony The different forms of Jubilee Quartets are the following: Minstrel Jubilee, Community-Based Quartets, Sacred Harp, and Gospel Quartets. These are the various forms of quartets that all express a variety of singing styles.  “What we call the beginning is often the end. And to make an end is to make a beginning. […]

Oh, Cry Me a River by Peyton Bolling

The Era of in the Black Community Blues is the expression of sad emotions. It is conveyed through the artist. Blues is a form of music that began in the early 1920s in the deep South along the Mississippi River. Its formation was during the time of the Jim Crow Laws. It stemmed from Negro […]

From Cotton Fields to Concert Halls by Peyton Bolling

Negro Spirituals are a form of religious folksongs that are associated with the enslavement of thousands of African people during the 17th century . They were created by Africans that were captured, taken to the United States, and sold into slavery. Africans were not granted their freedom nor their own religious beliefs during this era. […]

Black Empowerment: A Marian Anderson Analysis by Peyton Bolling

By Peyton Bolling After reading the article on Marian Anderson, I felt very inspired by her accomplishments and impact on Black women and the black community. What I enjoyed most about the article was her initiative to take the lead for African American women to reject how white women were treating them and how white […]

A Review of Folk Music by Peyton Bolling

A Review of Folk Music By Peyton Bolling What I enjoyed most about The History of Folk Music post was that the author was very informative in her descriptions on the origin, characteristics, social implications, etc of Folk music. But, I wish the author would have provided a description on the site pertaining to the […]

Peyton Bolling

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