All About The Funk

By Nelly Ruach Funk music has been one of my favorite to learn about. This form of music allowed for the creative ability of a musician to be loose and free and create music that was fun and hip. This type of music had people up out of their chairs and on the dance floor […]

The Blues Behind The Blues

By Nelly Ruach Quick Run Down The Blues, like many of the genres we have learned about in this class, have followed the pattern of music that stems from Negro spirituals. With many adaptations and subcategories that can stem from this style of music, it is important to note that its origins stem from the […]

Freedom Within The Chains

Freedom Within The Chains As Perceived Through Nelly Ruach Introduction Her Legacy Conclusion Throughout our time period, music has found its way being passed down and transformed with each passing century. As time goes on, people begin to add their own spin and twist to the musical genres; thus creating their own musical flow that […]

Rhythm and Blues

By Nelly Ruach Background Rhythm and Blues Music, formally known as R&B is a fan favorite of people young and old.   This popular genera of music stems from African American communities in the 1940s. Its given name has people pondering its true meaning as some see it as a rendition to the blues while […]

Evolution Of Gospel Music

By Nelly Ruach Of all the genras of music we have learned this semester, Gospel music has been the common denominator for all of them. Because our music begins at a time of our toughest days, it is only normal that we would have music centered around our faith. Gospel music has given hope to […]

All About Jazz

By Nelly Ruach Jazz is by far one of the most prominent and well respected forms of music to have ever been created. This form of music is heavily popular throughout the south with its origins tracing to New Orleans. With its transition from the blues and rag time, African Americans began the transition to […]

X Marks The Spot

By Nelly Ruach Since the beginning of time, our souls have found their ways passing through earth for whatever time is allotted to us. With the past, present, and future existing within one another, there are only a few amount of us who continue to live on this earthly plane even after our short stay […]

Modern Day Influence Of The Jubilee Quartet

Victory In The Midst Of Uncertainty As Perceived Through Nelly Ruach Historical Content Jubilee Quartets became widely popular in the beginning of the 20th century. These groups found their name through the biblical context of the year of Jubilee in the Bible when Gods people were being freed from bondage and slavery and began to […]

Faith, Perseverance, and Soul Personified Through The Negro Spirituals

Faith, Perseverance, and Soul Personified Through The Negro Spirituals As Perceived Through Nelly Ruach Historical Context Three Categories of the Negro Spirituals Commodifications of the Negro Spirituals When one begins to reminisce on the history of African American Music, we paint a picture that goes beyond the music and details men and woman working long, […]