Disco Queens: The Lasting Legacy of Sister Sledge

Disco Queens: The Lasting Legacy of Sister Sledge The sibling vocal group behind the exemplary togetherness anthem “We Are Family” (1979), Sister Sledge reached their commercial peak during the disco era but had been recording since the early 1970s, and have remained active in the following decades.  Having performed at church and school programs and […]

The Mills Brothers

The Mills Brothers  An astonishing vocal group that grew into one of the longest-lasting oldies acts in American popular music, the Mills Brothers’ quickly moved from novelty wonders to pop successes and continued amazing audiences for decades. John Charles (b. 1910), Herbert (b. 1912), Harry (b. 1913), and Donald (b. 1915) Mills were born in […]

The Cakewalk

The Cakewalk https://youtu.be/yD3Ybme_cdc  The Cakewalk was originated when slaves imitated their white masters doing ballroom dance. This dance was their form of satire. The slaves would dance as couples starting with the men in the middle and the women around them in a square. They would high step and strut to lively Ragtime tunes and […]

Chico Hamilton

Chico Hamilton Chico Hamilton, a subtle and creative drummer, will probably always be remembered for the series of quintets that he lead during 1955- 1965 and for his ability as a talent scout than for his drumming. Cool jazz emerged in the late 1940s. It is referred to as a “cool” jazz because of the […]

Mr. House

Son House Son House’s place, not only in the history of Delta blues but in the overall history of the music, is a very high one indeed. He was a major innovator of the Delta style, along with his playing partners Charles Patton and Willie Brown. Blues originated in the Deep South in the 1870s. […]

The Great Awakening

The Great Awakening In simple terms, The Great Awakening was a period of religious revival that swept the American colonies in the mid-eighteenth century, beginning in 1740. This time period was a prerequisite for the birthing of the Negro spiritual.   While most documentation of the Great Awakening leaves out the African American history, as […]

Leading Folk Music: Belly Style

Leading Folk Music: Belly Style Buddie “Lead Belly” Ledbetter was born in Mooringsport, LA in the late 1880s. He attended to school in Texas until the age of 13. He worked the land with his father and also learned many musical instruments at a young age. He honed in on the guitar and performed at […]