Soul Soul music is a genre of music that is timeless and is still evolving today. Originating in the about the early 1960s, Soul takes elements from its predecessors, Blues, Jazz, Gospel, and R&B.  It would be considered ta genre that was started by African-Americans and talked about the experiences of the African-American struggle. During […]

Fusion Jazz

Jazz Fusion Jazz Fusion is a genre of music that combined jazz with other genres of music. Some also call it psychedelic jazz. Other genres included funk, blues, rock, and R&B. This genre within was first highlighted in the 1960’s by Jazz artists that were doing something more complex and bring jazz to other genres […]


Gospel Gospel music is one of the most recognizable genres of music within African-American cultures. The genre has strong roots in our history and the deep connection and soul that came with worshiping.  Even today, Gospel music provides a platform for many people to dream about the day they will meet their savior in heaven. […]


RagTime Rag Time is a musical genre that has been the soundtrack of the mid-1890s within the United States. The music is known for it having a prominent piano within it along with other instruments such as the bass, trumpet and fiddle. It is best known for syncopation, which before was not really done by […]

Musical Theater

Black Musical Theater Blackbirds of 1926: Florence Mills Johnny Hudgins and chorus girls rehearse on roof of London pavilion Chocolate kiddies Chorus Girls 1925 Black Musical Theater is a genre that many African-Americans are not familiar with. Due to the theater world being dominated by white actors and actresses, the works of many African-American writers […]


Techno Techno is a genre that started in Detroit in the 1980’s. It is similar to disco with it’s fast tempo, but it brought in more electronic elements. The use of synthesizers is heavy within the genre. One does not need to know how to play an instrument in order to make techno, they simply […]


Disco Disco is a popular genre that was a big part of the nightclub scene during the 1970s. It first appeared in the late 1960s and was popularized by marginalized communities particular the black queer community in the underground scene. Disco music was primarily listened to when dancing and it could be the same track […]

Negro Spirituals

Negro Spirituals by Nina Lee Negro Sprituals is one of the first genres recorded as being accredited to African-Americans. This music can be traced back to the starts of enslavement and is still song today.  – The music is considered spiritual not secular because of the content. Most of the songs had to do with […]


Blues(1930s to 1940s) by Nina Lee The Genre of Blues came from Negro Spirituals and Folk music. This genre can be considered another step away from spiritual  music to secular music. The genre have roots in the deep south more specfically in Mississippi. This genre features the lyrics that talked about the everyday struggles of life […]

Jubilee Quartets

Jubilee Quartets by Nina Lee Jubilee quartets can be thought of taking the keeping the spirit from negro spirituals but giving it a modern-day flair through the way it was delivered. Many of the groups were successful during the early 1900s due to the content of the music. It was something very familiar to many, […]

Lift Every Voice: Marian Anderson and Florence B.Price

The article by Alisha Lola Jones highlights the constant fight of Black women within the music industry. Jones was able to highlight beautifully the legacies of two iconic black women. Marian Anderson and Florence Price. Marian Anderson choosing the score of Florence Price to sing at such a historical moment in history shows the support […]

Folk Music Article Critique

“The History of Folk Music” Article Critique by Nina Lee The article I will be reviewing is that of  A’Shiah titled “The History of Folk Music”. Overall the article was very informative It provided the reader with a base if they wanted to know basic information about folk music. The author was able to articulate […]