PREACHERMAN Dominique Armani Jones goes by the stage name Lil Baby. He was born and raised on the south side of Atlanta, GA. He was raised by a single mother with and lived with her along two other sisters.  At a very young age, around 10, Dominique began hanging out in the “streets” and with […]

Marian Anderson

Marian Anderson A womanist. Influencer. Vocalist. Extrodinare.  learn more Early Life Marian was born and raised in Philadelphia in 1879. Family Her mother was a school teacher and her father sold ice and coal. They owned a small liquor store. She had two sisters. Education She attended Stanton Grammar School. Because her family was poor, […]

Black Broadway

MUSICAL THEATER Musical Theater allowed African- Americans to reclaim black theatrics. Prior to the creation of this genre, white people would do black face and perform theatrics as black people. Musical theater was a deceleration of dignified and authentic black theatrics and talent. Through Musical theater black people were able to fully express themselves. It […]

Underground Sound

TECHNO Also Know As Detroit Techno where did it Begin? Techo emerged from an underground movement started in Detroit, Michigan. It came about in the early 1980s. During the 80s Detroit was a predominately black city. Whites fled to the suburbs during this time leaving the city ruins to be dominated by blacks. Thus the […]

The Last Dance

DISCO DISCO Disco became most popular and is most known for being the genre of the 70s. It is dance music meaning that it was specifically created to be played by djs in clubs. It originated from the 50s and was derived from the genre “discotheque”. THE SOUND Disco is distinguished by four “on-the-floor beats. […]

The Blackest Sound

BLESSED AND HIGHLY FAVORED Gospel music was created by African- Americans and was influenced heavily influenced by Negro spirituals and Jubilee Quartets. It surfaced in the late 19th century/ early 20th century. It can be distinguished by its joyous and uplifting expression of love and gratitude for God. It can also be distinguished by […]


“If you have to ask what jazz is, you’ll never know.” Louis Armstrong SWING ERA Jazz Jazz is a genre created by African- Americans and originated in New-Orleans  in the late 19th century. It was influenced by blues and ragtime. “JAZZ IS LOVE.” “I’m always thinking about creating. My future starts when I wake up […]

I got the Blueeees

The Birth Blues emerged from the deep south in the 1900s. Created by African-Americans, the Blues expanded the community’s voice and provided another means of expression. Blues was influced by its parent genres including minstrel show music, ragtime, and negro spirituals.  The Sound Blues is in large part expressed through voice. The singer is a […]

The Coons Song

It’s Play Play Play Play Previous Next Ragtime emerged in the mid 189os in Mississippi and Missouri. It was developed by African- Americans and was played in bars, salons and brothels in our communities.  Ragtime is known for its highly syncopated style.  It is known for its intricaate piano melodies and can be described as […]

Traditional Folks

Folk This genre was created by African-Americans. It is one of the oldest documented genres created by African-Americans. Folk is a blend of traditional sounds from the homeland of Africa and sounds cultivated on American soil. Folk instruments Djembe A “rope tuned skin covered” drum. Originated from Africa. Can be played with hands. Banjo An […]

Slave Songs

NEGRO SPIRITUALS This genre of music erupted from the aching souls of slaves during the 1800s. The beats and tunes of Negro Slave songs were influenced by the environment and the struggle of African Americans during Slavery. These spirituals allowed slaves to express themselves in a time when they were utterly oppressed. It also provided […]