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PREACHERMAN Dominique Armani Jones goes by the stage name Lil Baby. He was born and raised on the south side of Atlanta, GA. He was

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Marian Anderson

Marian Anderson A womanist. Influencer. Vocalist. Extrodinare.  learn more Early Life Marian was born and raised in Philadelphia in 1879. Family Her mother was a

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Black Broadway

MUSICAL THEATER Musical Theater allowed African- Americans to reclaim black theatrics. Prior to the creation of this genre, white people would do black face and

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Underground Sound

TECHNO Also Know As Detroit Techno where did it Begin? Techo emerged from an underground movement started in Detroit, Michigan. It came about in the

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The Last Dance

DISCO DISCO Disco became most popular and is most known for being the genre of the 70s. It is dance music meaning that it was

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The Blackest Sound

BLESSED AND HIGHLY FAVORED Gospel music was created by African- Americans and was influenced heavily influenced by Negro spirituals and Jubilee Quartets. It surfaced

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“If you have to ask what jazz is, you’ll never know.” Louis Armstrong SWING ERA Jazz Jazz is a genre created by African- Americans and

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I got the Blueeees

The Birth Blues emerged from the deep south in the 1900s. Created by African-Americans, the Blues expanded the community’s voice and provided another means of

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The Coons Song

It’s Play Play Play Play Previous Next Ragtime emerged in the mid 189os in Mississippi and Missouri. It was developed by African- Americans and was

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Traditional Folks

Folk This genre was created by African-Americans. It is one of the oldest documented genres created by African-Americans. Folk is a blend of traditional sounds

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Slave Songs

NEGRO SPIRITUALS This genre of music erupted from the aching souls of slaves during the 1800s. The beats and tunes of Negro Slave songs were

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