Author: Nia Massey

African American Roots

A former disco dancer Jack Carroll an Irish American states that “Disco is identified as fundamentally african american music, its roots were undeniable.” Disco shows

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Ken Collier

Ken Collier was black, gay and one of the best DJs of his time. Largely unheralded, Collier bridged the musical gap between the Motown sound

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Free Jazz

Free jazz, an approach to jazz improvisation that emerged during the late 1950s, reached its height in the ’60s, and remained a major development in

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Jay-Z Outline

Research methodology: My research methodology was very detailed. The first thing I did was find reliable and valuable sources that were related to Jay-Z. I

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Kirk Franklin

Kirk Franklin is a young minister who had forever changed Christian Music through his combination of contemporary hip-hop and traditional gospel music. Kirk was born

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