African American Roots

A former disco dancer Jack Carroll an Irish American states that “Disco is identified as fundamentally african american music, its roots were undeniable.” Disco shows clear evidence of coming from African American roots. It is a derivation of funk which comes from Soul, which is totally  and completely African American. Historian Bryan Ward suggested disco […]

Ken Collier

Ken Collier was black, gay and one of the best DJs of his time. Largely unheralded, Collier bridged the musical gap between the Motown sound and what is now considered house and techno music. From his base within the gay community, Collier pioneered a style of mixing and participated in an underground network of clubs […]

What Difference Does It Make?

Music has a powerful influence no matter what type of music it is and who the music is coming from. However African American music has a different type of impact and influence on the listener. It attaches the person who is listening to it with the soulful feel of it. African American music has developed […]

Free Jazz

Free jazz, an approach to jazz improvisation that emerged during the late 1950s, reached its height in the ’60s, and remained a major development in jazz thereafter. The main characteristic of free jazz is that there are no rules. Musicians do not adhere to a fixed harmonic structure (predetermined chord progressions) as they improvise; instead, […]

Jay-Z Outline

Research methodology: My research methodology was very detailed. The first thing I did was find reliable and valuable sources that were related to Jay-Z. I aimed to get more books than website sources because I believe books would have better information. From there I made sure the books talked about the information that I needed. […]

Kirk Franklin

Kirk Franklin is a young minister who had forever changed Christian Music through his combination of contemporary hip-hop and traditional gospel music. Kirk was born and raised in Ft. Worth, Texas, where he was abandoned at the age of three by his parents and raised by a devout 64-year-old aunt, who always made sure he […]