The Change of Gospel Overtime(Decades)

By: MacKenzie Fox Gospel is constantly changing overtime and will continue to do so. Gospel was first formed by the transformation of negro spirituals to gospel during the Jubilee transitional period. As time has passed, artists have incorporated gospel with other genre’s of music to keep up with the different generations present and their likings […]

From American Idol to A SuperStar: Fantasia Barrino​

From American Idol to A SuperStar: Fantasia Barrino​By: MacKenzie Fox Statement Fantasia Barrino is the definition of determination when it comes to being successful. She went through many trials in life while on her journey to be someone in the music industry, in which American Idol was incredibly helpful through that. I would identify Fantasia […]

The Versatility of Funk

By: MacKenzie Fox The most popular artists within the funk genre were popular for making people wanting to get down and funky but also due to the versatility in their music. Meaning that they combined different genres in their music or were involved within more than one genre. Not all of the popular funk artists […]

The Impact of John Coltrane’s Album: A Love Supreme

By MacKenzie Fox The impact of this album was superficial. It was impactful in different ways such as: influencing other artists, being the highlight of John Coltrane’s Career, musical narration, and spiritual representation through jazz. Being Influenced By A Masterpiece Many were influenced by John Coltrane’s Album: A Love Supreme such as American Hippies. Those […]

Jubilee Quartets Transformation of Negro Spirituals

Jubilee Quartets Transformation of Negro Spirituals By MacKenzie Fox Jubilee Quartets Impact on Negro Spirituals Jubilee Quartets helped to transform negro spirituals into gospel during its transitional period. Quartets first began in the 1800’s with 3 different periods, Jubilee (1880-1929), Transitional (1930-1945) and Gospel (1946-1949). Gospel quartets consisted of a group singing updated versions of […]

The Isley Brothers: Best In The Making

By: MacKenzie Fox The Isley Brothers were the best selling group who were versatile with their music in the  funk, r&b and soul genres. They also influenced artists, being that many of their songs have been sampled. The Isley Brothers were inspirational to many and created many hits, too many to count. They were incredibly […]

Harriet Gibbs Marshall’s Powerful Impact through Music on Racial Uplift: Treemonisha

By: MacKenzie Fox Black Women in Racial Uplift Harriet Marshall was a pioneer of musical success for those in the African-American community. Black women were often overlooked by African-American men when it came to their contributions to help the African-American community improve. Many of them constantly vocalized that specifically African-Americans could not be uplifted without […]

King of Delta Blues Singers:The Influencer

KING OF DELTA BLUES SINGERS: THE INFLUENCER By: MacKenzie Fox Robert Johnson sang country blues and played the guitar, creating 29 songs during his life. He started to be known for his work in the late 1930’s due to John Hammond displaying his music during a concert at Carnegie Hall. He went from being unknown to well […]

The Long-Lasting Impact of Negro Spirituals

The Long-Lasting Impact of Negro Spirituals By: MacKenzie Fox The Beginning of Negro Spirituals Negro Spirituals has had a long-lasting impact on the black community, as these spirituals were created during slavery and are still sung today.  This was a form of religious music that had a call and response pattern, consisting of clapping and […]

Nina Simone’s Use of Folk Music to Support Feminism and Impact the Music Industry

Nina Simone’s Use of Folk Music to Support Feminism and Impact the Music Industry By: MacKenzie Fox About Using Folk music Nina Simone supported feminism and protested for her people. Folk music had a few different categories consisting of fiddlers, children’s game songs, work songs, creole songs and protest songs. Due to Nina Simone’s singing […]