Author: Mya Edwards

Hues of Blue

The creativity of blues coincided with the hardening of White resistance to Black social and economic progress in the form of Jim Crow America.

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Negro Spirituals

The slaves brought African cultural traditions with them and many of their activities, from work to worship usually involved music and dance. However, the slaves were forced to perform their music in secret or seclusion as many European masters banned Africans form of worship involving dance as they viewed it as demonic or idolatrous. This did not stop the slaves from nourishing their cultural and because of their resistance and resilience we are able to witness the religious forms of gospel music that we have today.

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The Ragtime Era

There are so many intricate levels that should be analyzed when discussing the Ragtime Era. Ragtime came into existence long before its music was given a name. Historically defined as having African American roots, we delve into the genre in attempt to highlight the essence and traditions of the Ragtime music era.

Mya Edwards, Elioenai Ruffen-Blanchette, Zaniyah Dock

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