One of the Best: Gloria Gaynor

One of the Best: Goria Gaynor Introduction Gloria Gaynor was born in Newark, Nj, on September 7, 1943, as Gloria Fowles. Gaynor is best known for her disco-era hits. She began singing in a night club in Newark, where a neighbor recommended her to a local band. Gaynor spent several years performing in local clubs […]

Legendary Mamie Smith

Legendary Mamie Smith Introduction Mamie Smith was a multi-talented entertainer, as she was a performer on stage and in film. Mamie Smith can be considered a legendary musician because she paved the way for many other blues artists when she was the first to make a blues record. She is a significant blues figure.  “Crazy […]

Spiritual vs Hymns

Spirituals vs. Hymns Introduction Spiritual and hymns play a big role in African American music and culture. It demonstrated how enslaved African Americans would use Spiritual and Hymns as a way of self-expression. Though they are similar, Spirituals and hymns are not the same. What is a ? Spirituals are the earliest form of religious […]

The Journey of the Kora

The Journey of the Kora Background The Kora is an instrument originated by the people of West Africa. The instrument’s body consists of a long hardwood neck and twenty-one strings. The Kora favors the harp in which both hands are needed to create various rhythm patterns for the musicians to play. The people of West […]